Thursday 16 May 2013

Country Chic Ruffled Drop Cloth Chair Cushions

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One down Three to go............


Well since I'm renovating the kitchen I thought that it was appropriate

to change up my kitchen chair cushions............

Remember these red checked ones that I made a few years back and gave a
tutorial, well............

Here are my new ones................

I made them with so that a cushion can go inside and made an easy exit for when I needed

to toss them in to be washed.

I love how drop cloth hangs.

I gave then a 8" ruffle all around the three sides and left the back plain.

As you see my chairs don't allow for a drop at the back  because they are very antique spindle pressbacks.

The tie backs are made with muslin and are 3" wide.

Muslin is a lighter fabric and makes for easy ties.

Here's the underside.............

                      I LOVE HOW THEY TURNED OUT!!!  

I'm in the process of putting together a tutorial within  the week

Be sure to drop back!!.

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  1. These cushions are beautiful! You did a great job making them and I like the longer ruffle on them. They are perfect for those chairs. Have a great long weekend! Pam

  2. Amei conhecer o seu blog .Quanto capricho,linda almofada!!!Maravilha.Me visite:
    Siga-me e pegue o meu selinho!!!


    Beijos Marie.

  3. Oh Linda, that look great! I can't wait tutorial!!

  4. These are great cushions!!! I wish I could sew but I can't even sew a button on my clothes. I think when you can't sew you miss a lot of fun projects. Have a great rest of the day!


  5. Linda, I LOVE your skirted seat covers!!! You did a fabulous job on them and I love that the cushion can be removed to wash. Very nice!
    Mary Alice

  6. Oh they turned out so pretty! They really dress up those chairs. That was a good idea to be able to slip a cushion inside them. Now, they're washable! Mine drape over the cushion that is attached to the chair. Drop cloth is pretty durable too.

  7. I love them! They are so pretty, and i love the 8 inch ruffle.


  8. Your slips are so pretty, Linda! I have some dropcloth waiting to be made into new slips for my chairs, too. Not sure if I'll do a long ruffle again like I did on the ones I made last year {out of white tablecloths from the thrift store}, but I am definitely going to keep the muslin in mind for the ties.

  9. Love them, Linda! You have so much more patience than me though. Any time that I have to make multiples of something, I get soooo tired of it and have to force myself to finish. lol

  10. Looks fabulous LInda. They look so cute with the bow ties on the side.

  11. Hi Linda. I love the cushions. Look forward to the tutorial, hopefully I will be able to make some. My sewing is very limited..Happy Thursday..Judy

  12. Nice work they are lovely ! Love the little bow . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  13. OMGosh....I love them. So so smart to have the pillow slip out for easy cleaning! I got so excited that you're going to have a tutorial for these! Then, I remembered...I don't sew! BUT...I am still going to look for a sewing machine at garage sales this summer, so who knows. I would love these for my chairs!!

  14. They're lovely - well done! I look forward to the tutuorial.

  15. Looks great--ruffles add so much to it!

  16. And I thought you couldn't sew!!! lol - They are amazing - love how they are all French country to go with your new look - and they go with the French rooster so well.

    Went back and looked at the tutorial - it's really great and I picked up a super tip by handstitching the closure before sewing it on the machine. I'm always struggling to keep the pins and the stuffing in place. This is a great solution.

    Fabulous job, my friend.

  17. Gorgeous Linda! I love anything with a ruffle. I would love to add this to my list of projects.

  18. Those look great, Linda! Doing some slipcovers like yours is top on my Summer to-do list for my dining room chairs. I will look forward to seeing your tutorial. I saw your post over at "Common Ground" blog party.

  19. Linda, Your chair pad is the best I've seen on the blogs. I especially love that it has a cushion inside it. I'll be looking for the tutorial. It looks gorgeous with the chair!!!

  20. they came out great! It is nice to change things out. You inspire me to do something with my diningroom cushions......
    Hugs, Evi

  21. Beautiful Linda!!...I love that they are cushioned!!...I am looking forward to your tutorial!!

  22. These are adorable, love that deep ruffle and the bows. perfect for those chairs!!