Tuesday, 22 April 2014

AMIGURUMI Dolls and Animals....Another finish

                 Easter has come and gone!

                Hope everyone had a great time with
                          family and friends!

              While my time should have been spent
                      preparing for dinner and the
                         busy weekend I was
                          busy making
                     AMIGURUMI DOLLS
                         and Pets!!

              Meet little girl KATE and little girl Kate..

                        No I haven't lost it...

                  One came out larger than the other...

                     one pattern same doll...

            This pattern is by Jenny and Teddy.
                       Finish size 5-6 inches.
              Now this all depends on the yarn you
                          use and the hook size.

              As you can see in the following pictures
                         I used 2 different yarns  
                             and hooks.

                    Kate here is about 8" tall.

                        Kate here is 5" tall.

                  Then I couldn't resist when I saw this
                         cute puppy....
                 Harvest Moon by Studio Ami.

                       He measures 4" from head to tail.

                    Looks like I have started something..

                      My grands have put in orders for
                          a golden retriever , a siamese cat,
                               jiggly pup.....the list goes on.

                             Keeps me out of

                        Thanks for stopping by!



Friday, 18 April 2014

Busy hands... another finish

                               Hope everyone is enjoying 
                                   this Easter weekend!

                      I just can't sit idle ..

            So when we are watching tv in the evening my hands
                                  are kept busy.

                    Thought I would share with you my latest.....

                               In the dishcloth series.....

                             This pattern is called Crocus....
                                    I thought it was fitting since
                                          the crocus's have started 
                                                    to bloom.

                               Thank goodness they have come out
                                      with some bright colours in 

                                    I fell in love with this green.


                             If you are interested in crocheting this
                                           pattern go here.


                              Thanks for stopping by and visiting
                                           this busy weekend.

                               Just made a vegetable lasagna..
                                  to add with the turkey that we are
                                         having on Sunday.


                                    Recipe to follow......


Thursday, 17 April 2014


                                          It's Easter Week!


                         Here is one of my favourite Easter flowers..

                             Daffodils and Pansies..

                                 ok maybe two!!


      While browsing the isles at my local garden store I'd seen these
                         bowls made up with pansies and alysum.

                                      Their price was $14.99

                 That may sound  reasonable...but not for me..

                                Then I spotted these daffodils...

                                           A full pot of minis only $6.99...

                                 So they went in my cart ....
                                          Next I spotted these beautiful
                                                         only  $.99 cents.....

                                So they came home with me as well.......

                                        I took my pot of daffodils and added in the
                                                         pansies.... and wa la......
                                                      There you have a beautiful
                                                          arrangement for only.....


                             So the title of my post read VIGNETTE!!

                                     So here in the corner of my living room
                                                      sits another vignette....

                                    Notice the brass lamp in the background...
                                                 You know they are back in style...

                                          So I updated mine by adding a new shade...

                                                Happy Easter!!

                                                     Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Colourful Easter Welcome



                                 It's Easter Week!!

                           Right now it's snowing here just north of the city
                                  of Toronto, Ontario.

                          We have about 3cm and it's still snowing.

                         So I wanted to share with you my Colourful
                                  Welcoming Easter Porch.

                                           I put this display together on the weekend
                                 since the snow was all gone and the
                                  temps were in the high teens celsius.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Amigurumi.... A cute Bunny

                                         It's Easter Week!!

                         Everyone will be busy preparing for family and guests.

                          Well I thought I would share with you 
                            a cute bunny that I just crocheted.....



               She whipped up so fast...

                             She is so cute and small.......

                  She fits right in the palm of my hand.....


                        AMI...pronounced ah-mee

                   The Japanese art of knitted/crochet 
I found this cute pattern here and I knew I had to try it.

                        It called for white or beige yarn...

                          But you know me .........

                  She's no bigger than my coffee cup...


                   Ok let's hear it...AHHHHH!! OOOOO!!

                               Cute EH!!

                Hope I made your day!

                    Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, 13 April 2014

What's on your table!!

                                 Good Sunday Morning!

                     Ever wonder what to put on your tables?

                                        I do!

                   Do you keep it simple????  Maybe a bowl of fruit...

                      Well I try to keep it simple then...
                          I just can't help myself....



Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Keeping it simple for Easter!

                                                Easter's just around the

                              Thought I would pare down 
                                on the Easter decorations
                                      this year

                                     Keeping it simple....

                       Love the apple blossoms ...
                         and the pussy willows....
                              and mr. Bee ..can you see me.....


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