Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Falling Leaf DIY

Welcome friends , as I mentioned in my last post on dollar store projects I have been
painting on canvas.

I know many of you will shy away and say I can't paint.....well I'm not master at it either.
I have fun and that's what it is all about.

You don't have to spend a fortune on paints and brushes.
Or even canvas.
This was all purchased at the $$$ store.

Brushes   $1.00 for a variety pack

sponge brushes $1.00

Craft acrylic paints $1.00 each

Canvas 8 x 10 $1.25

I keep plastic yogurt containers for water to clean my brushes

a roll of paper towel

"these items do not contain affiliated links and I am not compensated"

I chose a bright turquoise background and using a wide brush or even a  sponge brush
applied it to the full canvas.

I gave it the night to dry and then the next day I traced a maple leaf onto the painted canvas.
Not to hard but lightly so your pencil marks don't show through the paint.

I started with the red and filled in the leaf leaving an edge for my yellow. Cleaning  my brush in the water I then applied the yellow around the edge taping the edge of the round brush to give a feathered appearance.

I find acrylics very forgiving. If you add too much paint dab it off with a paper towel.
While that area is drying I then painted the stem in Burnt Umber  and veins of the leaf.
Once the stem was dry I added a shadow with the yellow paint.

Make sure you clean your brushes in between colours.

I also  added the burnt umber to the tips of the leaf as well.

If one colour blends in with the other that's ok....Have fun with it.....

There are so many colourful fall leaves in oranges and greens to bright reds and yellows.

You choose what colour background you want and then just have some fun

                 I hope you will give this a try! Thanks for following along!


Friday, 2 October 2015

Fall Home Tour

Fall is my favourite time of the year, the leaves are changing colour, the temperatures are dropping, and it's the perfect time to decorate for fall!
Our home is situated in the country with fields of corn ready to harvest.

So do come in..........

Let's start with the foyer........ entrance table


Next comes the living room....as you can see I'm inspired by the colours of fall!


I like to add some whimsy to this room...not too much...

The breakfast room  is no exception.....lots of colour

Through the breakfast room you'll see more colour in
the sunroom...

Fresh picked apples from our orchard....

Keeping it cozy with many quilts to cover up with on those chilly nights...

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying this Fall Home Tour with me!

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dollar Store DIY

Do you ever go into the Dollar Store with a purchase in mind,,,,,

We happened in there other day by chance and at the front of the store they had started to bring in their fall decor....

Out jumped this tablecloth for $3.00 and I knew right away what I was going to create....

                                      Yes I'm in the " Let's get Creative"  mode!

This tablecloth made of polyester would be perfect for placemats.

I cut out eight 17 1/2" x 13 1/2"
placed right sides together
stitched a 1/4 " seam around and left an opening of 6"
turned right side out ....and put aside....

Liked this look but I went one step further....

Brought out my burlap fabric.....

Went about cutting 4 ...17 1/2" x 13 1/2"

Placed one $store piece and burlap right sides together and stitched a 1/4"
seam leaving enough of an opening to turn right side out.
Then top stitched 1/4" around the top including the opening that I had left for turning.

Continued sewing all 4 placemats then gave them a good pressing.

Not quite done I went one step further with it being fall and all......

I outlined a maple leaf and then with my stencils added the numbers 1 - 4 on each

Giving me two different looks !

Which do you prefer........

Lots of colour or more rustic........

Do you want to see what I made with the first sample placemat......

                                                           I made a pillow cover!

So easy to make .

If you are a non sewer just follow the same directions and use fabric glue or fusible bonding web
Just follow the instructions on the package.

Still have quite a bit of fabric leftover ...enough to make a table runner....maybe add some
burlap to the ends.......

I'm not quite finished working on my next $$$$Store project so you all come back!

                                         Hope you will give this a try and save$$$.

                                                  Thanks for following along,
                                                       Love hearing from you!

                                                  Do tell and send a picture of your $$store
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Monday, 28 September 2015

Orange yes or no

Hello, another starting of a fall week and I wanted to share with you my Afghan
that I have finally finished.

It's ORANGE....Yup nice and bright and cheerful!
Just what the soul needs on an overcast rainy day!

Too bright for you?

I started this Afghan a few months ago...like last fall...yes I know I start and then stop
but I did finish just in time to celebrate Fall!

This yarn was purchased in WalMart...Red Heart Super Saver. colour Carrot.
It took 5 balls in total to crochet with a 5.5mm hook.

An easy pattern , row after row of double crochet.

Working away crocheting in the Living Room!

                                                    Here in the Great Room!

Now that I have finished this Afghan I'm working on some other fall projects made out of
Dollar Store Items.....
I'll be sharing them soon.....can you guess?

Oh yes we also finished the haunted house that Miss A and I worked on this summer.

These pics were taken the other day when the sun was streaming in....can you see who just walked in?

This Afghan and my new rug hooked pillow were just two projects that I 
started last fall!!

Don't they look great together!

                                                    Thanks for following along,

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

With Heavy Heart Saying Goodbye!

                                                         Rest In Peace!
                                                 March 2008- September 2015

I pondered on whether or not to write this post..this very hard post.....

You see our sweet Fergus is gone to heaven!

It all happened so fast....I'm in shock how fast....One day he's chasing Benny and
running around like a wee pup and the next ....

It all started Wednesday.  We were out for the evening and came home to a mess on
Fergus's bed. His bed was covered in mucus..and water...

Oh the poor dear....we thought that he had eaten something out side that had made him sick.

We have all kinds of animals that roam through our 2 acreage.
I cleaned us his bed and we turned in for the night but before I noticed that he hadn't ate.
His food was still in his dish.

Then Thurs came....he got up as usual and went outside with Benny. Nothing seemed
out of the ordinary.  Till he came in then the vomiting started. Green bile.

This has happened before and led us to believe that he had eaten something he shouldn't have.

So I boiled some rice...This always settles their stomach.    A couple of hours passed. He laid on the stairs by the front doors keeping watch like always  and then the dinner hour came. Oh Oh he had
been sick again this time bile and rice.

Not looking good. We kept him comfortable and he laid on my lap as always while watching the
TV. No crying out in pain...No signs of discomfort.......
But when it was time to climb the stairs for bed he seemed very weak. Wil carried him
up to bed.
He scurried under our bed (that was not abnormal) and we were down for the night.
Now it's Friday morning...we rose and I called the Benny and Fergus to go out and only Benny came.

We knew then that something was terribly wrong. Called the Vet and went in to find that
he had no temperature...had good hydration ...but he was tender on his belly.
Our Vet was away that day and I felt uneasy with this new vet ...not very compassionate...
They did some blood work and asked us to stay for the results.

I took Fergus out to the car where Wil and Benny were and he seemed very happy to go.

Then after it seemed like forever the vet came back in to tell me that he had Kidney failure.....
His blood counts were so off the wall....WHAT!    are you sure...Ok then put him on antibiotics and we will bring him back in .....It's not the simple Mrs C. he has to stay here and we will give him intravenous and monitor him for the next three days ...then do ultra sound and see how much longer
Fergus has.......

How can that be...how does ones kidneys just fail...There were no signs...he drank as usual.
had regular movements and urinated the same.......

I kept running these questions over and over in my mind....I went out to the car and brought back
Wil, Fergus and Benny in. Had the Vet repeat herself and Wil was just as stunned as I was....

Are you sure?? We kept asking .......She tells us that he may have been born with bad kidneys...
and with age it's progressed.....

Fergus was only 7.

With all these tests and procedures this was only  going to tell us how long he has and the severity.
We couldn't do this to this cute little guy that was so scared of people right from and early age
he ran and hid when strangers entered out home.
How could I leave him here all weekend by himself ......

We had to make one hard decision ........We won't let our dogs suffer.....Who knows how
long he had already suffered .............Time to let go!

                                      We love you Fergus!

FERGUSFergus and Benny



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Rug Hooked Pillow

Welcome friends...wanted to share with you my latest pillow...

I know lately I've been on the pillow kick...but can you really have too many pillows?

I had seen these rug hooked pillows in many high end stores and they were very pricey and I
knew with my rug hooking skills that I could hook one just like that or even better
design one for myself.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Painting with Acrylics!


         Welcome friends , I have been busy in my studio finishing up some pillows.

I wanted to share with you this cute Cinderella pumpkin/ blue pumpkin 
that I painted on cotton.

I have seen so many of these beautiful pumpkins that I just had to try
painting one for myself.

The orange pumpkin pillow that I finished painting a couple of weeks ago
was done in watercolour.

This one I painted in acrylics!

I find inspiration here with these very talented artists:

It just feels great to be painting and
                                                         "BEING CREATIVE"

If you follow me here on Instagram you would have seen a peek 
of this gorgeous pillow!

Or it may have been on Facebook

I would love it if you stop by !

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