Friday, 18 July 2014

Fairies in the Garden


                   Earlier in the week I posted about a Fairy Vegetable Garden
                                       if you missed it see it here.

               As I promised  Another Fairy Garden comes to life.

                  Ever wonder when you see in the dark of the night
                           the small lights flickering.....
                                   You know the ones......
                           Most of us think they are fire flies....
                                Actually they are Fairies...

                     Rather then them just flying off in the night my
                      grand daughter and I made a home for them
                           right here in our garden.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Makings of a FAIRY GARDEN

                    A FAIRY GARDEN COMES TO LIFE!

            Have you seen them and always wanted to 
                  imagine the life of a fairy ........

Not so long ago in the gardens we heard this buzzing and to our surprise there they were....

                       Not one but two small fairies .....their wings buzzing as they
                          were busy in their vegetable garden.
                   We could hear them singing so softly and working ....digging and planting...
                               Their garden would surely  be the most bountiful of all.

Friday, 4 July 2014




This year I decided to forgo the basket dropped into 
this black urn at my front door and plant Hydrangeas instead.


I was a little skeptical
and thought how will they survive ...... 
and will they go from white blooms to blue.

After doing some research I picked up a box of soil acidifier.

I added it to water per the directions and watched with delight
the changing of the colour. This happened over time. (not magical)

From a creamy white to to a light purple.


                          Then they changed to blue.

What a beautiful show they are having at my front door.

                  In the fall I will plant them in the garden
near my pink hydrangeas and continue with the acidifier.

             I have for many years grown white annabelle
                 hydrangeas but never beautiful blue or pink.

We have a hydrangea in the side garden that has never bloomed since
we moved here 5 years ago. So I decided to wrap it in burlap last fall
and not to prune it till this spring. Guess I did something right.
It's flowering ...I also added the soil acidifier to this plant.
I can see the pink showing through.   

Can't wait for it to bloom!! I will definitely take pictures to show.

                     How are your plants blooming!!

                   As always thanks for stopping by!
                           Love hearing from you !


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Canadian EH!!


                             Today we Canadian's celebrate Canada's Birthday!
                                           We are 147 years young!

                   We are proud to display our red and white ..........

                              Our flag flies freely all year round!

                Our front bench is proudly  decorated in red and white!

                               HAPPY CANADA DAY!!!

                                  Thanks for stopping by!


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Yard Sale,Moving Sales

                                               Anyway you look at it ...
                                                     It's a SALE!!

                          Happy Canada Day Weekend!!

                        Was hoping to post my Canada Day decorating on the
                                front bench....but that post will have to wait...

                                       It's raining....

                    So here's a sale I went to a couple of weeks ago.

                                                     A cute chair I picked up for $5.00

It was already painted white and I love the cane seat.

Also this cute planter in green...looks like it was made of tin till I picked it up........
                                It's ceramic.....
                       for only $1.00

I already had the Scottish moss.......

This clay white planter with plant......Now that's a bonus!!!! $15.00

                                 Two cute cover ups for the out door parties $1.00

                 Have you been to many sales lately??

                                         Today we are off to a family party.

                                  I wish everyone a glorious sunny weekend!!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bloomfield French Country Sale

                                                Bloomfield Ontario

              Every year spring and fall The French Country Sale is on.

                               A few women put the sale on at a Antique
                                            Shop that is housed on an acre.

                     Well last Friday we drove a few hours to take in the sale.

           The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was a perfect
                          day for two sisters.

                          Now I'm sure you are anxious to see what
                              some of the vendors were selling so............

                                tables set up colour coded




                                                        Pillows of every size and colour
                                     Bedding, quilts, pillow shams............

                                     A dough Box.......$160. now I thought that was a little $$$$$

                                                a wire cage...any idea what this was used for???


                                                              Clay pottery

                                                      a little of this and that

                                           Does anything catch your eye.....
There were areas of furniture in black or white, some just white washed..................

                                            Then I spotted this fellow....

 isn't he cute...... I placed him in my vegetable garden..... I think he likes his new home....

                                          Well one things for sure it keeps Benny out
                                                        of the garden...he's scared of it.

                          Then my sister spotted this cute yellow hive.......

                                       not just a hive it's  measuring cups.........


                     so now this hive resides on my white weathered hutch

I was a little disappointed this year........they usually have more tents and vendors as well
                           as dishes......ironstone.........

                            We finished off clothes shopping in the quaint little
                                           town and had a lovely lunch.

                                   Don't you just love it when the day is just perfect!!

                                            As always thanks for stopping by!
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Monday, 16 June 2014

Amigurumi Baby Unicorn

                               Good Monday Everyone!

                        Hope everyone had an enjoyable one!

                              Another crochet finish...
                   Let me introduce to you Baby Unicorn......
                             She's only 48 hours old.

              I used fine baby yarn and  some variegated baby yarn.

                                 Isn't she the cutest..she measures 5 inches high.

                                                 Here she is sitting.....


                                                        then a back shot of her mane and tail.....


                                                             a side profile......


                                                                  Here she is standing wobbly for the first time.......


                                                       Baby puppy jumped on her back and went for a ride.

                                               Now what am I going to make next.......

                        Oh I know 3 pair of mittens......for a dear friends grand daughters....

                                 Times a wasting, must get to it....... It's never too early to think
                                                of winter gifts......

                                            Thanks for stopping by!
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