Thursday, 30 June 2016

Watercolour Geraniums Happy Canada Day!

                                                             Wishing everyone a

                                                HAPPY CANADA DAY!


Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Antiquing and out touring

Hello Friends!

It was another beautiful Saturday so off we went with our friends touring in our smooth sailing
baby. 49 Meteor. Oh she runs like a baby.

Here's out first stop. Betty's pies and tarts. Oh you know the kind of butter tarts that
are so sweet and runny and gooey .  Betty's is well known far and wide.

The Royal Winter Fair is one of the largest  Fall Fairs in Canada.

Let's go inside, shall we!

The girls are busy making tart shells in the back.
Well we saw so many sweets we always go back to our favourite.

Half a dozen please of your raisin butter tarts. Yes you are seeing only four, we had to taste
test while we were there.

Betty's is located on Hwy # 2 between Port Hope, Ontario and Coburg.

Back on the road again heading towards the Big Apple in Colborne, Ont we stopped at
this cute Antique shop.

In the bottom left hand corner of this picture I noticed these red plates. You know I love red and white transferware.

I must apologize for the poor photo. I only had my phone with me not my camera.
Would  you just know it I got so busy looking around I forgot to take more pics.

Our round trip home put 154 miles on the 49 Meteor and what a beauty of a day!

The night before I had been to a yard sale and look what I found.
I new if I didn't snatch it up someone would!

My cast iron urn is 8 inches high by 18 inches across.  Trying to decide what to plant in it!
                                       Any suggestions!

I know it's been so hot these past weeks and we have been praying for rain.
A storm came through, only winds, rained all around us.

So to keep our fur baby Benny cool he went to the doggy spa.

                                 Benny had his summer clip.

             Oh my his legs look so long, don't they.

                                                   As always thanks for following along!

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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Tribute to Fur Babies

Hello Friends! It's been awhile.

I took some time off from the computer. Ever find that just sometimes you need that?

I know I did. What to write, what's my audience looking for, Sometimes it's just plain pressure.

Just so everyone knows out there.....I blog for fun!!! That's all!

So this is what I have been up to.

I found my new love .....painting.....

                       I dedicate this grumpy cat to my niece since her cat passed.

Found my love in watercolour pencils. I use Derwent brand. Great pigment.

I don't mind sharing this with you, even though many out there like to keep their art mysterious.

Isn't she the cutest Pug. Our son Jim's  Rosie!

Here I'm showing the beginning of Charlie, our other son Bill's  British Bulldog.

I take a picture of my subject and then start tracing out the outline with my watercolour pencils
then continue painting it in.   Don't you just love that face!

Meet Rosco! Another pet of Bill's,  a Yellow Lab.
Here I used my pencils as well as watercolour paints. When using my paints I use Windsor Newton.

Isn't she the cutest! This is Gemma, a French Bulldog. Another pet of my Bill's.

Meet Juno the Siamese cat. This cat is my grandaughter's.
I took a course in soft pastels and got hooked. Loved how this one turned out.

Last up is Lucy, a Golden Retriever. Our daughter Jill's .
As you can see from the picture she is painted with my watercolour paints.
Windsor Newton.

We all love out fur babies, don't we.

Next I'll get busy painting our beloved Fergus and let's not forget Benny!

Hope everyone's summer is off to a great start!

                                        Love hearing from you all!

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                                                Love to all

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