Monday, 27 February 2012

Mother Nature

Barb over @ Grits and Glamour is having her second Wild About Mother Nature Party. 

It all started with 2 moss balls and a large
square white tray.
So I gathered up some 
moss, black iron urn,
a grapevine wreathe,
a birds nest,
a bird,
some twigs,
and a white hyacinth.

The white hyacinth was
purchased at our local grocery store.
There were 3 to a  pot.
I separated one and  
planted it in the urn.
The urn I already had.
Added the moss,
purchased for $3.00 a bag @

Placed the urn in a grapevine wreathe
purchased for $12.00 @
our local florist.
Then came the moss balls,
already had.
Added the birds nest with eggs,
already had.
Then came the cute green bird.
already had.


So here is my Mother Nature 
display on my coffee table
in our living room.


also joining in at
Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays


  1. Love the black urn. I have been wanting one for some time the Spanish moss looks good against it.

  2. What a beautiful display. Love the hyacinth. They are at my grocery store too and I see one coming home with me soon. I also love all your mixes of moss. Does it get any prettier????? :) Thank you so much for joining Wild About Mother Nature #2. I appreciate your support. Blessings, Barb

  3. Hyacinths are one of my favorite Spring the fragrance..Love your Nature Vignette

  4. Beautiful nature inspired vignette Linda! I love hyacinths. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  5. Very Springy and natural looking, Linda! I'll bet those hyacinths smell good, too!

  6. Such a pretty, Spring-y vignette. Love all the natural elements.

  7. What a beautiful mix of textures and elements! Love your spring vignette.

  8. Hi Linda,
    Beautiful Spring!!
    Love the different textures and layers that your vignette has.
    It is perfect!
    All the Best,

  9. That's a beautiful display! Perfect for Spring.

  10. Oh, I forgot to add, I am now following you!

  11. The hyacinth certainly looks like spring!

    Coming to you from The Polohouse Favorites on the First.

  12. Linda - read your question on my blog about having 2 westies - we had Julep first - waiting one year - and the got Derby from the same breeder - they have the same westie mom - but different westie dads. Derby's dad took Best of Breed at Westminster two years ago ... what I was told is that it's not a good idea to purchase two puppies at the same time - because they will bond with each other instead of you - and if they do something wrong - you won't know who did it unless you happen to be watching them. We like the mix of one boy - one girl - girls are alpha but if I had to do it over again I think I would go with two boys - the personalities are so different - at least in my case.

    If you are on Facebook go to the GROUP page I started called WESTIES HEALTH -- FROM EARS TO TAIL. It is only for health related questions on our westies.

    All the best and good luck on your next westie,

  13. Love seeing your white hyacinth! ;-) Nice vignette.

  14. I love all the texture and the fresh color palette of green, white and brown. I think that is such a pretty vignette for Spring!

  15. I can almost smell you white hyacinth from here!

    Always my most favoritefloral scent of all.
    You vignette is lovely!
    Thanks so much for sharing!