Monday, 28 May 2012

DebbieDoos's Copy cat Magazine challenge

Here we go again....
Debbie is having another Magazine copy cat challenge on May 31.
I couldn't wait.
I purchased this wooden finial of a pineapple for $1.50 at an outside flea market.
At the time I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with it till I saw
Decor Steals to day
A Raised ceramic Pineapple for $25..... plus shipping.

Well here is mine.
I placed it in a painted urn with some moss balls .

I love my look and for $1.50 I think I have the Steal of the day.........

      Have a great week. Thanks for stopping by.

Join in the fun  over at Debbiedoo's copy cat challenge
Can't wait to see all the copy cats.


  1. You did a great job with your pineapple finial! And to think it was so inexpensive!

  2. Wow, aren't you clever!! Looks fantastic and hey cannot complain about the price! Hmmmm....I love those challenges. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. For $1.50, that pineapple rocks! Love it! ~ Maureen

  4. Looks great! A perfect copy!

  5. You did a great job Linda! I would say your version is the Decor Steal of the day!!

  6. I think I like yours better than the one you copied! You are amazing to have such a treasure for $1.50! Thanks for coming by Quirky Vistas. I'm your follower now too!

  7. Now how can you beat that!~ Very cute copy there. Thanks for sharing and joining in on the copy cat challenge.

  8. Love the moss and your urn, very classic! Great copy and steal! :)

  9. Definitely the steal of the day! A really classic, fresh look, Love it!

  10. Nice copycat, Linda! I think for $1.50 you wound up with a great piece of decor for your home.

  11. Very classic, great copy cat. And yoU made it your own.