Friday, 11 May 2012

What to do??

What to do??  I have never.......
Have you???

Yesterday I tried to download a new header for my blog and I was told that
I have no more room to add pictures and that I will have to
start paying for more GB......

I have another blog and I have been posting for
3 years and have never been told otherwise....
What gives???

Let me know if there is a way around this......
Not sure if I will continue posts if I have to start paying for them.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.




  1. Linda you don't have to pay for your posts just for more space. I had to do the same thing last year with google. It was only $5 and I haven't had to buy more since then. Have a wonderful Mother's Day!!

  2. Hi Linda, Someone posted that if you use Google Chrome you should get extra space, so I tried it and it didn't work. I still get the message too and am so very frustrated. I don't want to pay a dime. I'm hoping there is another way around this situation;I think blogger is just trying to make $$$.
    Let me know if you figure anything out.

  3. I have heard of this happening to others. If you go to your Dashboard, down at the bottom of the page is a link to Picasa. When you click it, it will take you to your pictures. At the bottom of that page it should tell you how much space you have and the filled percentage. I've been trying to stave it off by deleting some of my pictures from old posts. You have to do it at Picasa, not from your blog post. Hope this helps. I think I am very close to the full number too.

  4. I, too, had to pay just $5, it automatically renews every year. I need to learn how to resize my photos, they are taking up wayyy too much space! Good luck!


  5. Say what??? This has not happened to me, thank goodness!

  6. Hi Linda - I had to pay for more storage space for my photos too. I have 2 blogs and have a lot more pictures on my food blog. It was only $5 and I will never use that much in a year. In 4 months, I've only used about 8% of my memory. The larger your pictures, the more space they take up so to avoid paying $5, you can edit your past pictures to a smaller size or go back and delete pictures from Picasa but they will be removed from your older posts. I looked into the options and decided it was worth $5 a year to me to do my pictures however I wanted. E-mail if you want to talk about it. J

  7. I have never had that problem before but sounds like everyone has good advice for you?!?!?!
    Have a great weekend :o)

  8. I did the things the others mentioned above, trying to delete pictures in Picasa and finally paid the $5. I figure I am getting a great deal to blog for $5 per year.

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