Monday, 16 July 2012

Eye Glasses


It's that time again,
Having trouble seeing.
Tom Ford Model: FT5189
I now wear bifocals.
I need them for reading.
The lens have very little prescription, it's all in the bifocals.

Well I was having troubles seeing distance, so I went for my annual checkup
at the optometrist.  Yup!!! Just as I thought. Linda you need stronger glasses and
you will be wearing them 24/7.   Me Oh My!!
My current frames are very hip and I get so many compliments.
See what I mean.

 How do you choose.
Square, round, rectangular....... black, tortoise shell, solid, clear, half and half....
The list goes on and on.

My Optometrist tells me that the larger frames are in style.
Try a few on ... A few....... much later I found a pair. The hefty tag was $289.00
 Now we are looking anywhere in the price range for the frames
$100.00 and up. Then on top of that price comes  the prescription.

Well to my delight he gave me 40% off my frames...
Happy Dance!!!!
So my glasses cost $440.00.
Get them Friday.    Can't wait to show you.
Now can you guess what colour or size or style...
Remember how my old ones look here.

Thanks for stopping by.



  1. I love your old glasses!! Choosing glasses is a chore indeed. I need to do that soon too :0(

  2. I love your old glasses & can't wait to see what the new ones look like!

  3. Hmmm... didn't know they are that expensive.
    I need some reading glasses already.

  4. How hip are your 'old' glasses!! Can't wait to see what your new ones look like.
    I just got new glasses this year, don't like them...gotta live with them. And yes, prices are ridiculous!! Wish I could wear the dollar store readers my husband uses. lol
    Debbie :)

  5. Tekes time to get used to but worth the expense for sure. Looking forward to seeing your new glasses. I am looking for a new frame as well but still have not found one I like!!! So expensive!!
    Keep cool..Judi

  6. Oh I am sure that I am meant to go and get these eyes checked. My reading glasses are starting to feel more necessary. I cannot wait to see what you chose. It is not easy, is it.

  7. I HATE my bifocals! I have them in my glasses and in my contacts!! I will not get bifocal again. If they were not so darn expensive I would change them out right now. I love your old frames and I can't wait to see your new ones.

  8. I've been wearing glasses since I was 13. I always order the same ones, in progressive. They don't hurt my nose or ears like the ones with actual frames do.

  9. Love your old glasses!! Can't wait to see what you chose :o)

  10. Now you have me very curious Linda. I can't wait to see your new glasses. Aren't they an awful price? I didn't get new frames this year as my prescription didn't change so I saved myself 500.00! Looking forward to the 'reveal'.

  11. WooHoo Linda!!! Wow....will you miss your old frames??? That was nice of your eye Doc to give you such a wonderful wonder you did a 'happy dance'! Looking forward to seeing your new 'look' :) Have a wonderful day! Maura (Lilac Lane Cottage)

  12. Linda, I can't wait to see your new frames. I need some new reading glasses but I've just been putting it off. I can usually use the cheap ones, but I've been having a little trouble with eye strain lately (too much computer time) so I need a check-up. I really haven't been paying attention to what is fashionable lately, so I'm eager to see yours!

  13. can't wait to see them--aren't they way too expensive?! i try on a bazillion pairs before settling on a pair that looks like my last pair!?!