Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pumpkin Topiary/tutorial

Who's ready for fall.

How about making this cute PUMPKIN TOPIARY!!

It's so easy to make that my grandaughter who is 9 made one today with Nana and
Nana made this one.

These are the supplies you will need:

    large styrofoam ball ($store)

    I recycled a tin that cocoa came in
    or 28 fl oz tin.

   Doweling    12" x 3/8" ($store)

    florist foam ($store)

     Black spray paint (walmart)

      Orange spray paint (walmart)

       Orange tissue paper ($store)

    rubber spiders ($ store)

    Glue gun and many sticks or Elmer glue.

   raffia (optional)

Now lets get started.

Cut floral foam to fit into tin. Next push in your piece of doweling 12" x 3/8"
Then push your styro foam ball into doweling.  Cover stick and tin with a
plastic bag. Now spray paint the ball orange.

Once dried pull off ball and now spray paint the doweling and the tin black.

I do all my spraying outside.

 This is how it should look.

Now it's time to add the tissue paper.
I folded the paper over and over again then cut out small squares 2"x2"

Then I proceeded to glue them on the ball.

Keep turning and turning the ball to distribute evenly.

Once the ball is completely covered, then it's time to glue on the spiders.

The spiders came with the webbing so I covered the florist foam with it.

Glued on a spider there as well.  Now we are almost done.

I added on some raffia I had on hand.

 Here is my grandaughters Pumpkin Topiary.
Here are the two together.

You can see I used a taller tin and she used a 28fl oz tin.

Have some fun with it. Use three together on your mantle. Or just to decorate a table.

Make them different colours. Use your imagination.

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  1. How cute! Glad you linked to my Share your creations party!! Kristen

  2. I am so ready for autumn, and these little pumpkin topiaries are so cute! :D

  3. Great tutorial and I am ready for fall and then on to Halloween. Thanks for sharing your ideas. Please, be kind enough to view my post on thrift finds for a tablescape!


  4. Very cute and fun...I think I am ready for fall has been a hot summer! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday and share your idea.

  5. I really like how that turned out.

  6. What a neat idea for a party when you need the kids to help with decorations! I always love orange in the fall. Thanks for visiting, andrea b.

  7. Your granddaughter's pumpkin topiary is adorable and so is Nana's! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Gail

  8. What a great idea!! I love it. I have to make these. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Oh how adorable! These topiaries would make wonderful autumn centerpieces:) Love the spider accents you added. Thanks for sharing this fun idea and for your sweet comment on my lavender crafts. Happy week!~Poppy

  10. How easy & cute are these! What a great project to do with the grandkids.
    Debbie :)

  11. I love this! Seems easy enough for me as level of patience has been slowly decreasing.