Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Falling for pumpkins!!!!



Help !!!!!!!   Too Many!!!!   Not a Chance.......

Out front on the front bench.

 There are real and faux pumpkins....

        Pumpkins in my quilt............

Pumpkin Patch sign....... Now here's a easy peasy project..

$ store plaque $ 2.00
paint I have on hand
Stencils easy to download.
tracing paper.

First I painted the plaque brown. Then I added the orange all over.

Added some more brown then it's time to trace on the stencil.

Then I free hand painted the letters in dark umber. Once they dried I used a beige

paint and highlighted the letters.  Once that was all dry I gave it a light sanding.

Too Cute!!!!!

Just the right size to hang off my pumpkin.

Now here's another easy peasy chalk sign.

 Use the same plaque from the $ store and

paint it with chalk paint. I gave mine two coats of paint.  Once dry I used a chalk marker.

Trick or Trick!! You can tell that I did this free hand....

That's it folks !!  So easy.

Now in my front foyer I have faux branches and mini pumpkins with some bittersweet and
added in some pinecones in my white urn that I used outside.

   The branches are in a sap bucket and then I used some raffia to cover
         it up .

Then I hung my pumpkin quilt off to the side. A corner vignette.

                      Have a  Great Pumpkin Day!!!

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  1. That is all so lovely, but I cannot take my eyes off of that quilt! So beautiful!

  2. Beautiful pumpkin displays Linda! I love your quilt!!!

  3. You can never have too many pumpkins, right? I how you filled the urn...so pretty!

  4. All of your Fall decorations look so pretty! I'm looking forward to decorating my front porch for Fall soon. We are just now feeling cooler weather around here.

  5. I cannot believe you free handed that Pumpkin Patch sign! It is so beautiful...really well done! All of your decor looks so spot on! I've gotta get started on my front porch...we are almost to the end of September! Love your blog and following you now!

  6. Love your pumpkins and would love to have you add these to our Pumpkin Party going on right now for the next month. Thanks Linda


  7. Love your pretty pumpkins! Your quilt is beautiful:@)

  8. Great ideas and I LOVE the pumpkin quilt!

  9. Linda, everything looks beautiful! Just love that quilt!!!