Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Paperwhites Time to plant


Time to Start!!

I purchased my bulbs from a local nursery.

The price was kind of scary, but they were having a sale,
buy one get the other for a cent......

My lucky day!!

I had saved three of my bulbs from last year but wasn't too sure if they survived.

So this is what I used and this is what you will need.

But before I begin I also kept my Amaryllis  bulb.

So lets plant it first.

I use only the best potting soil.

This is the original container that my Amaryllis came in, so lets use it again.

I have some pebbles of glass that goes into the bottom of my planter,
Next comes the soil.

Plant your Amaryllis bulb just into the soil so some of the bulb is above.

Then I add moss for decoration.

Water and keep in a well light area and watch it grow.

Should flower in 6 weeks.
I keep this one on my shelf in my Sudio.
Now to plant the paper white bulbs.

I used two antique pudding bowls.

I added my pebbles to the bottom and then added the soil.

Place the pointy side up and the roots down so that their is half of the bulb showing.

I placed three bulbs to a bowl.

Added the moss and watered.

I keep them on my kitchen window sill.

Now watch them grow.  Don't forget to water weekly.

The three bulbs I had from last season went into the same container and they are also
on my kitchen window sill.

There are so many containers out there.
Have some fun.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving those lovely comments.
I read everyone.


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  1. Thank you for these tips..
    the last couple of years I have just left mine in the pots out in the garden all year...They are looking really crappy..I think I will try this and see if any can be saved..

  2. I love paperwhites (except for the smell) and amaryllis and always buy one or the other at Christmas so I have blooms in the winter. I noticed them at the grocery store the other day for almost $10. I know they will go down in price soon. You got a great deal!

  3. Hello Linda, I love Amaryllis but have never had much luck growing them. The paper whites I grow in my garden, but I like the idea of planting them to enjoy indoors. I will have to search out some pretty planting pots. Thanks for the tips. Best Wishes Daphne

  4. Hi linda!

    I better hurry up! They are so expensive when you buy them already potted. Thanks for the reminder :)

    xoxo Bunny Jean

  5. I've grown Amaryllis but have not tried Paperwhites. By the time I think of them, it is too late for Christmas. They are so pretty.

  6. I have never tried growing these before. I love how pretty they look and especially the scent of the paperwhites. Thanks for sharing the tutorial. You made it look so easy!

  7. Even though I've never grown these myself, I think they're so pretty when they bloom!
    Mary Alice

  8. I'm so glad you posted this because I always forget to plant mine until it is almost too late!!! I will have to pick some bulbs up this weekend :o)

  9. I have never grown these, but you've definitely inspired me to try. I hope I can find the bulbs.

  10. Paper whites were the Christmas present my mother did each year for family. She always found a special bowl and nested them in white pebbles. It's funny how some traditions make an impression on someone as my brother, when he became much older, was disappointed the year mother didn't present them. Who knew that this was his special Christmas memory??!!

  11. Paper whites are among my favorite flowers because they bloom in the dead of winter. Love your white stoneware containers that you use as planters....

  12. Thanks for reminding me! I usually get to the first or second week of December and find myself buying sprouting bulbs at Home Depot --- yes, I am a CHEATER!!!!

    I will go get some bulbs this weekend and get my act together.

  13. Oh no, I always remember too late. I am going to do this today. Thanks for this reminder. I absolutely love that little red and cream planter in the last image. I think I need to find some nice planters. The idea of the pudding bowl is really good too. Last year I had a hard time finding reasonably priced amaryllis bulbs. I already have my paper whites.