Thursday, 22 November 2012

Decorating on $ store finds

Today I'm decorating on $ store finds to join in Debbie's and Shannon's  Dollar Tree Challenge.

Since I'm from Canada these were Dollarama finds.

I found these glass vases.......$1.00
Then in a cello package two red Christmas trees.......$1.25
Then in the ornament section I found small red balls...$1.00
The red small candle holders were mine.

First I put the cute trees in the vases .

I knew that they needed some extra decorations so I added some fine red ribbon to the balls
 and hung them off the sides of the vase. Now to hide the ribbon I added these cute small candle holders
to the top.

Great way to decorate the powder room .

I used them on the back of the toilet then added a few other festive decorations
to make guests welcome.

                           Thanks for stopping by. Love reading all your comments....

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  1. So pretty! Love the whole display! Great idea!

  2. Cute Linda,
    I haven't seen the red little trees, our Dollar Tree has some green and white ones though.
    I went to DT last week and got my stuff to make so that I could join in on the party, problem is, I haven't made the decor yet so I might miss the party after all unless I get myself in gear and get it made today. Doubtful though, since I'll be in the kitchen all day.

  3. Love the vases done this way! ~ Maureen

  4. Very cute. The dollar store has so many wonderful finds. Love the trees.
    Here's hoping your Thanksgiving is blessed.

  5. Cute ideas, Linda. It's fun seeing what everyone has done with their Dollar Tree finds.

  6. Very very cute. I have not seen the red little trees...but I am thinking spray paint would do the trick:) Thanks so much for sharing your creativity with the dollar tree challenge.

  7. Oh, these are adorable, White....I love your pretty powder room decorations.
    xo bj

  8. You are very creative, I like your idea!

    Happy weekend

  9. Love your Christmas header!!! Isn't it amazing what you can do for very little money! Very creative and pretty decorations!

  10. What a cute idea, Linda! It's the perfect thing to use in the bathroom, too, since there is never really enough space to decorate.