Thursday, 11 April 2013


                             FOR THE LOVE OF BASKETS

Over the years we all collect baskets of all shapes and sizes.

We paint them....

Decorate them......

Use them for storage..........

Well I have one that is a Potato Basket.....

When I saw this basket in a unique florist I knew I had to have it!!

I loved the old look it has to it.................

It keeps my potato's fresh..............

The easy opening at the front to pick out potato's.............

I keep it under the white hutch..................

Fits perfectly................

A conversation piece..................

Do you have a basket to hold your potato's?


                                                 Thanks for visiting!!



  1. No Linda - I don't have a basket to hold my potatoes - but now I obviously need to get one - this bloglandia stuff is getting dangerous for me LMHO................
    I LOVE it - and it fits perfectly under that gorgeous hutch!
    I think I have to change my hutch out now too - need one like yours

  2. I've never seen a potato basket but this is a beauty! Love the shape and domed top. Your hutch is looking so gorgeous too.
    Be a sweetie,

  3. So this is what I need to keep my potatoes fresh? I never knew where to put them, I leave them in a bowl and they get yucky on the bottom. Thanks for sharing your cool basket.
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  4. I have never seen a potato basket that's cute ! I have a potato onion box Papa made for me in his wood shop one of the many things he has made for me ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  5. No I don't have a potato basket but I'd sure like one like yours! It is unique and beautiful and looks great under your hutch.

  6. I love your potato basket!! I think it not only looks great, but serves a good purpose too. It's perfect under your hutch. I like the texture it brings to that area. I have lots of baskets, but not one of those. Wish I did. It has a great European look to it. That was a great find!

  7. Never seen one of those before...
    I keep my potatoes in a wooden fruit basket...away from the onions!!!
    Neat purchase!!!

    Linda :o)

  8. Wish I did have a basket like this to hold my potatoes. But then again, we don't eat alot of potatoes, so they would probably rot before we finishe dthem all.

    Love the texture, shape and colour of this basket. Very cool.

  9. Linda: Like you I love baskets and have quite the collection! Hubby is always trying to talk me into getting rid of my answer. I have the same potatoe basket and love it! I also have an onion basket...i also live in Ontario!

  10. I love baskets, and was very happy to live in the Black Forest for three years, not far from a town that specialised in the making of all sorts of baskets...bliss!
    I keep my potatoes in a wire basket that might have been meant for eggs. It's nowhere as pretty as yours.

  11. No basket for my potatoes, just a HUGE blue pottery bowl on the bottom shelf of my cabinets in the kitchen. Your basket is perfect. As Suzan Sweatman said in the first comment, "this bloglandia stuff is getting dangerous for me..."

  12. That potato basket is great, I never heard of one before.


  13. Of all the baskets I've seen and collected, I've never seen one of those - I love it! Of course, now I want one. . .

  14. No, I keep mine in the bag they come in, but I'll be rethinking that now, this looks awesome! What a great idea, looks so much nicer than the bag. :)

  15. I don't have enough baskets...I do know this! Now, I must have a potato basket. :) Love the look and the greatest place for potatoes ever! Thanks so much for sharing ~