Sunday, 26 May 2013

Antiquing on a Saturday


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It was a lovely sunny day so we took advantage of the day and went out with the

49 Ford P/U.

Love this truck!

Well we went to one of our favourite stops......Red Rock Antiques in Bobcageon.

Two summers ago we left a rag rug with the proprietor on consignment.

Last year it sold but we never made it by there. Sooooooo

Saturday we stopped in . There it was ....the  most beautiful bread board that I have ever seen.

Ok I thought...don't look to anxious.    Do your walk around then go into the other buildings and on

your way back......happen to mention the rag rug....... Yes as a matter of fact it did sell.

So lets make a deal I said.     Dollars you owe me I'll take in the bread board.

This beauty measures 12" wide and from top to bottom 45" ..........

I have never seen one this large........ Now where in the world is that going says MR>WWH....

Don't you worry I said....I have space on one wall of the kitchen.....I'll take down the picture ...

Oh how great it will look on the table come harvest displaying my gourds, pumpkins, sunflowers etc.

Or just maybe it will fit above the cupboards on an angle....

Anyway I display this bread board  it's going to be great.

Have you ever laid your eyes on a bread board of this size???

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  1. Love that red truck. No I have never seen a bread board that large. I am on the look for some to add to kitchen shelves too! Havea wonderful weekend.

  2. Absolutely love, love, love your red truck. Good score on the bread board, I have never seen one that big or should I say huge.

  3. I can't get past that beautiful truck!

  4. OMG, OMG, OMG!!!! It's amazing!!!!

    And I'm so jealous that you have the truck of my dreams. Always wanted an old pick=up like that!

  5. Oh my word, I totally love it, what a grat find. Yes, I would have wanted it too. Hugs, Marty

  6. What a great find. I have no place for one, but I can see all sorts of vignettes with that board.

    My husband would go NUTS for your red truck.

  7. That is one great big bread board. I love it. I know how excited you must've been spotting it and knowing you could take it home. Isn't it like Christmas when things happen like that? Sounds like a fun day you had.

  8. What a wonderful find!!! I have never seen one that size before....I'm sure you will find tons of ways to use it :o)

  9. So....did you get it for the price of the rug???
    It is fabulous!!

    Linda :o)

  10. It's beautiful - gorgeous glow from that wood.
    The red truck is lovely too - my husband would be walking around it with interest if he'd been there.

  11. Nothing like going antiquing in style with that truck! That bread board is a nice size and pretty cool looking.
    Farmhouse hugs,