Thursday, 20 June 2013

New addition

It's been four years since we had a puppy in our home.

Max just took to Fergus right away.

Now on the other side Fergus is giving Benny a hard time. Keeps growling at him so to keep
him at bay.

I hope he warms up to the puppy, since we felt that Fergus was needing some companionship.

What a busy day yesterday. 

First we drove to our sons to pick up a crate for Benny. We have crate trained all of our pets.
Then we dropped off Fergus at the groomers.

She was very helpful and told us what shampoo to get and how to apply it. It's been awhile since I 
bathed a puppy. Fergus has always had a groomer.

I have always put the shampoo in the palm of my hand and applied it to their coat then rinsed it off.
So off to the breeders to pick up Benny!!

Brought him home and the first thing we did was bathe him.

Kerri said to put a quarter of the shampoo in a spray bottle with water. Then squirt it on rub it into the
coat then use the sprayer to rinse it off. I was so happy to see that there weren't any fleas.

We bathed him in the kitchen sink on a towel......I know I made sure I sanitized the sink when I was
done.  When he reaches 16 weeks and has had his rabies shot my groomer will take over.

Here is Benny after his bath.

Then we went back for Fergus and brought Benny with us. Our groomer clipped around his eyes and butt. Thank Goodness!!

Then back home for the two to get acquainted.  

Fergus is still not too happy with Benny. Fergus likes to bark at people going by. Good watch dog.
Benny on the other hand doesn't bark and Fergus's bark scared him back into his crate.

 Fergus hiding under office chair

 Time will tell.

Benny seems to be adapting well. Slept from 10 last night till 5 this morning when Fergus woke me.
The two of them went outside . 

Then I fed the little fellow and back outside he went to finish up.
No accidents inside. The breeder said that he has been going out now for awhile.

He has mastered the stairs. That didn't take long.

I tried putting him back in his crate but he cried for a half an hour so I let him lie with me.
We both fell back to sleep on the couch with Fergus at my feet.
At 6:30 Mr WWH said what is this......

He's right not to get into this habit. Felt sorry for the little fellow. He is only 5 lbs.

Well a new day and a new adventure...............

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  1. Benny is just so darn cute-he look so much like my Hunter did when we got him. I wonder if his coat is as soft as it looks.
    Fergus will get used to him, it may take time but they'll become the best of friends.
    Hope he and Fergus start playing today!
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. I love the name you chose for him! He is such a cutie. Fergus is adorable too. He looks so cute sitting under the office chair. Like he's pouting! My dog has hiding spots too. We know where to look for him if we don't see him too. LOL! Fergus will adjust in time, I'm sure. I think they have to establish the right pecking order or something. Fergus probably feels a bit confused right now. He's probably waiting to see how long Benny is going to stay! Ha!

  3. What an adorable name for such a cutie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your babies. Hugs, Gail

  4. How cute!! It usually takes a while for them to adapt. I think they sulk and eventually come around.

  5. What a sweetie :) Love the names Fergus and Benny. :)

  6. Oh HOE CUTE. Linda!
    What an adorable little fluffy baby!
    I am sure they will figure it all out soon
    and they will be buddies in no time.

    They are darling!
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. How could you not feel sorry for that little guy? So cute! Good luck!
    Ashley Rane Sparks

  8. What a cutie and a great new addition to the family.

  9. Congrats on your new member! He's adorable!!! We had a super sweet dog Laura of 14 years, and before she passed got Bailey, a poodle Bichon mix.
    You can see him at the end of this post:)
    He's two now/in the photo. We also crate trained and use a groomer. He doesn't shed and needs haircuts, but I clip him now and take him to the groomer for nails, ears and glands. Even though it took two years to calm him around people and other pets, and the $$$$ add up, I'm so glad we got him. Smart, loyal, and loving!