Thursday, 13 June 2013



Now who has had a teapot that the spout breaks and then you end up throwing them out!!

Not anymore!!

Here is a cute garden pot or even a great gift to the gardener who has everything......

I had this teapot and wanted to give it some I pulled out my spray can

of Rust-oleum  in sandstone.

Then proceeded to spray this teapot.

Well once it was dry it needed some tweaking so I dry brushed with brown and white craft paint.

Love how it turned out.

Now there were some supplies that I needed to make this into a cute planter.

potting oil,

Ok now I am ready..... fill teapot half full of soil

Then insert your plant......

I used one from the garden that will eventually have pretty purple flowers

Add some moss to top it off and a bit of raffia to hold it together.

This would be cute as a garden artifact or why not a cute hostess gift, or a gift to a gardener who
has everything.

So have some fun and make a new planter recycle!!

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  1. Great minds think alike.

    I am visiting my parents' house next week. They are no longer alive and my niece rents the house. I was planning to hunt down an old copper teapot that I remember.

  2. Love it, I have couple of ugly Walmart metal ones I repainted plus an old copper teapot as planters on deck railing

  3. That's an clever idea! Looks great too!

  4. I love it ! What a wonderful idea ! Thanks for sharing . Rain and sun on and off here today !Have a good day !

  5. When I first saw the picture, I thought you had put a layer of clay on the teapot. Love the finish with the spray paint. So cute. And the addition of the violets (that's what that flower is, I think) and the rope ball just complete the look. Well done, my friend. And I love the old metal planter you've used as a stand.

  6. Love your teapot. I have painted a few old ones myself. I can't stand to throw them out. Love violets and it all looks so great together.
    Have a wonderful weekend,
    @ Eclectic Red Barn

  7. That was a great idea! I like to see plants planted in unique containers. It makes them more interesting.

  8. oh I was wondering where I found the darling black n white felt? bunny
    thanks so much for letting me share it (:)