Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Woolens and Cottons


                                                      Beautiful Morning!

              Do you ever just get stuck.....loose your mojo!! 
                               Not quite sure what to do!

                              You know what helps me

                            I GO SHOPPING !

                    I start looking on-line for new yarn...

                    Yes lately I have a passion to knit.....

         I have a cupboard full of fabric from when I quilted for                                         years.

            I have made a total of 175 quilts in my time.

                     Quite a few I must say!!

                    But that's another story.

       While visiting this blog ATTIC 24, looking at  this
        beautiful afghan she has crocheted in stripes with a yarn                          called Debbie Bliss....................

             So do you know where this is going.........

                     Yes I had to find this yarn.

     I googled and I googled...then up came a store an hour away.

     Get the car out honey I'm going shopping!   

            As I entered this cute quaint store ,
                I Ooooed and Aaaawed!!

Look at all this eye candy........

Where do I start first......

Well I did go for Debbie Bliss yarn so that's where I started.

Picked up a few balls of yarn in these scrumptious colours.

Not knowing what I'm gong to make, but this is a start right!!

So I work my way back to the cash register and I happen to turn and look up........

                OMG!! Love these socks....

  Haven't made socks in years...... Does that stop me...

                        NO WAY NO HOW!!!!

I just  couldn't buy 1 ball of yarn,,,,bought 2. 
                        Wouldn't you??

So I pay the kind lady for my Debbie Bliss yarn and my Soc Yarn ..... 

Turn to leave....you guessed it... Saw this Organic Cotton yarn....

Bought 2 balls in white.........This will knit up the cutest little sweater. It came with a cute pattern.......How could I resist.
                      It was FREE!!

At this point I pay for my cotton yarn...put on my blindfold and walk out the door....Actually skip out the door......

What do you do when you loose your MOJO?
                  Do you shop????

Now can you guess what I'm going to make with my
Debbie Bliss Yarn????

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                               Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Good Afternoon Linda, You have made, 175 quilts.... my word that is an amazing achievement... I always knew you were an amazing crafter, but I had not realised that you loved making quilts as well.
    I love the wools you have chosen to use, such lovely colours. I have not crocheted for many years, but I like the sound of the Afghan quilt, so I shall pop over and visit your friend.
    Linda, whatever you choose to make with your new wool, I know it will be amazing.
    Best Wishes to you,

  2. 175!? So jealous lol. I love to see yarns and it is fun to pick some too. Your choices ate lovely. We were away for a few days and I took along a new afghan project, stripes in white, light aqua and dark aqua.

  3. 175 WOW ! Busy hands lol ! Lovely colours of wool ..I bet what ever you make from it will be wonderful ! I get my mojo going doing what I love best Nature Photography . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  4. Retail therapy is the best sometimes! I haven't done that in a while. I look forward to seeing what you make with your new yarn. I'm glad it helped you get your mojo back.

  5. Oh Linda...you are a ball of fire!!!
    Can't wait to see your projects...
    I also visit Attic 24 occasionally...are you making the afghan??
    Stay busy!!
    Think I'll go shopping tomorrow!

    Linda :o)

  6. Years ago, I discovered Debbie Bliss yarn and pattern books and went on a knitting rampage. At the time, my stepchildren were having babies and I made a number of stunning little cardigans for them. I really, really want to start knitting again. Just can't bring myself to do it in the summer months (even if it has felt like fall lately).