Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Halloween fun!!! Halloween Monster Faces!!

                   Not too early is it to think of   HALLOWEEN!!

Having some fun with the grand  daughter today.

Saw this on our favourite spot PINTEREST!!

This is an easy peasy project...

Here is all you will need to make these monster faces.

drop cloth scraps or other cotton.
a glue gun
black felt
googly eyes
styro foam balls

Now let's get started.

Cut your dropcloth into strips.
Then glue onto the styro foam balls.

It's that easy....told ya!!

Once you have glued on all the cotton it's time to paint.

We chose green for the Frankenstein .
Orange for the Pumpkin
black for the Cat
and left the drop cloth natural for the Mummy

Once the paint is dry it's time to decorate the faces.

On The Mummy we hot glued on the  googly eyes.

Frankenstein got googly eyes and we used black felt and
made the mouth and the stitches. All hot glued on.

The Pumpkin got black felt eyes and mouth.All hot glued on.

We hot glued on the cats googly eyes and cut out some black felt for ears and hot glued them on . 
Then a wee bit of pink fabric got glued on for the nose.

                  That's all folks!!

                       Easy Peasy Halloween Project!!

Have you started making any Halloween crafts?

                          Thanks for visiting!

                    Hope you give it a try!



  1. Linda,
    Those are too cute! What a fun project, hard to even believe that we are nearing the Fall season already. Temps here are in the high 90"s today again.

  2. Absolutely NOT!!! ha!
    Those are really cute...I bet your granddaughter is having a blast with you this summer!
    Great job,Linda...

    Linda :o)

  3. Haven't even though about Halloween till your post lol ! They are so cute and looks like fun making them ! What great project to do with little ones ! Thanks for sharing . Have a good week !

  4. Without little ones around, Halloween doesn't get the spotlight here. Love to have the neighbour kids here though.

  5. You're killing me here!!! Haven't had a chance to really enjoy summer and these posts are reminding me that it's almost over!! Yikes.