Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Falling for Hydrangeas


Hydrangeas .....So many varieties in the market today....

One of my favourites is the Annabelle.

These beautiful large blooms of white that turn to citrus green in their prime.

You can never have enough....

So easy to dry and preserve throughout all seasons.

I'm sure there are many ways to preserve or dry hydrangeas,
but I have found that this works best for me.

When they turn citrus green here in early September I cut the stems on an angle then I hammer the ends flat. That way they will still drink.
I only use a small amount of water in my jug and within a few days their beautiful blooms have hardened.

I will often spray them gold and add them to outside wreaths and urns. I like to have an abundance so I can insert them into our Christmas tree as well.

What is your favourite Hydrangea and do you decorate with them throughout the year?

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  1. I love hydrangreas too. Thanks for the tip on how to dry them successfully. I've never done that before because my little bushes never seem to produce too many. I've seen some that are just huge and full of blooms. I have hydrangea envy of those! LOL.

  2. I just adore any kind of hydrangea....they are so beautiful!!!! I have never been able to grow any since we have full sun and no shade. Yours are gorgeous :o)

  3. beautiful, I agree, you can never have enough!!

  4. I like your new design, Linda...
    I LOVE Hydrangeas...and my post today features them as well...
    I use the same method for the best...
    I always say I will plant more...and then the season slips by me...
    Perhaps I will tackle that this Fall...

    Enjoy your day!
    Linda :o)

  5. I love the Annabelle variety too. Used to have them at my old house and miss them. Will be planting some in the Spring for sure.

  6. Very pretty . Unfortunately our Hydrangeas didn't last as long this year ! The weather here is sunny with cool breezes just lovely .Thanks for sharing . Have a great day !

  7. Your hydrangeas are a gorgeous green, Linda. I've never thought about spray painting them for outdoor use but we don't have a covered porch so they would be ruined in the rain and wind. I have a huge shrub and I can't remember if it's an Annabelle or Peegee but it turns green then pink and rose as the weather changes. I'm thinking they are Annabelle as they look like yours. I have cut and dried a lot this fall and will put some of the older ones in my milk can on the deck soon. I'll also do a basket to have out during the winter months. Your basket full is beautiful.

  8. Gorgeous Linda...I love the way they look in that basket!

  9. Your hydrangeas are lovely, Linda. I would love to be able to decorate with them all the time, but I'm lucky if I get a few blooms a year. :(

  10. I love hydranges! My hydrangea bush didn't do as well this year as it has in the past. I love how you have yours displayed. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  11. That's exactly what I do with mine. A friend recently brought me a huge bunch of gorgeous bronzy peegees and they are sitting in a bit of water drying out so that I can use them all winter.

    (you're the only other gal I know who uses them in the Christmas tree - been doing it for years with a lot of weird looks from family).

  12. Your hydrangea is amazingly gorgeous, so large. I can't wait to plant some in our new yard for next spring. I look forward to being able to dry them as well.


  13. Thanks for sharing this Linda, will definitely be trying this out. I love hydrangea's and grow several type in my garden. Love the idea of spraying them gold for Christmas, great idea! They would go such a long way. Thanks!!