Thursday, 16 January 2014



                FINGERLESS MITTENS
             WRIST WARMERS

             Your call....
When I was on Attic 24 sight I came across
these to die for fingerless mittens/wrist warmers......

                          here at Joules Catalogue

         I knew right away that I wanted a pair.

                      Now I have seen them in stores,
made of lightweight yarn... or some unknown fibre.

But I new I could make these with the yarn I had in my stash.

I used  one ball of Paton's sock yarn that knits up to stripes just like the picture. Cost $5.00 cdn

I used a 3.25mm crochet hook and a darning needle.

Yes just the look I was after!!  You be the judge.

I started with of chain of 35. then continued with a
hdc half double crochet. I just couldn't stop there... As in Attic 24 I added on a bobble edging. This is done by 5dc in the same stitch followed by a sc st.
It's so easy to find instructions on the bobble stitch on line.

You see I start with a long tail that I can weave into the 
mitten once the sewing is complete.

I sewed up the piece right sides together and stopped.
Left an opening for my thumb about 2" then continued sewing the remaining to the top.

I finished off the thumb opening with a sc stitch.

I know my hands/wrists will stay warm with these babies.

Don't you just love them..... They fit nicely over my jogging jacket.

Now you can make them longer or shorter your preference.
The same with the yarn. The next ones I'm going to try a 
chunky yarn. Don't forget to match up your hook to the yarn.

                     Hmmm I wonder how many of my
               grands and daughters will want these.....

              Thanks for stopping by!
               Love hearing from you.



  1. Those turned out really cute! I bet they will keep you nice and warm. I did managed to make all three of my grandsons afghans for Christmas. They loved them!! I'm thinking about making another because I'm having withdrawals. I really enjoyed crocheting them. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  2. They turned out lovely so colourful . Yes these were all the rave last winter and I think they still are as I have seen other bloggers busy making them to . Thanks for sharing . Have a good weekend !

  3. Well.....I am pretty sure, you'll be busy making those!
    They are adorable!
    Great for Spring garden tasks!
    Yes....I said spring!
    Dreaming again.......
    Attic 24 is an awesome blog....very talented gal!

  4. Another amazing little project, Linda. You put us all to shame with your busyness.

    This idea is one I've been tossing around too - I even bought some soft yarn to make them, just haven't done it. Can I still use the puppy as an excuse? :)

  5. My sister sent a pair to myself and my daughter for Christmas. We looked at them in wonder initially...not sure what they were. :) I haven't worn them yet but I will have to try them out.

  6. The colours are so pretty and the mittens are adorable. I will have to give these a try after I finish up a few projects. Thanks for sharing and wishing you a great week.

  7. As I sit here catching up on emails and typing, my hands & fingers are soooo cold! Then I see this, I really could use a pair of these! They look so cozy and warm.
    Debbie :)