Saturday, 25 January 2014

No Sew Valentine Tea Towel

When I saw these tea towels in Homesense I knew I had to purchase them.... 

The copy cat that I am I was inspired to make them...

Here are the supplies you will need:

tea towel 
stencil brush
red craft paint
glue gun

So lets get started...

I didn't have any stencils of hearts so I made my own with card stock . Two sizes.
Use a small amount of paint and dab your brush into it then wipe a little off then start stenciling onto your tea towel. I always use a piece of cardboard under my projects to keep the paint from seeping through the fabric.....

Once the paint is dry you are ready to add your ribbon to the border.

Open out your towel and make sure you leave a little extra ribbon to fold onto the back.

Now you are ready to glue it on. I ran a dab of hot glue from one side to the other then laid the ribbon on the top running your finger across to make sure it secured on.
Flip the towel over and then hot glue on the edges of ribbon on the back of the towel.

                          Now how easy is that!!

Here is a heart that you can download and copy.

       A Fun and easy Valentine Project!

      More Valentine Projects on the way!!

                As always thanks for stopping by!


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  2. How pretty! I think it's always so satisfying to find something you love and then put your own stamp on it!

  3. Very cute and this would work for so many holidays. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day. We are getting quite a bit of snow today and I'm enjoying my Saturday off work puttering around our home.

  4. Very cute! It's a sweet idea for Valentine's Day.

  5. Great idea! Love all the hearts...thanks for sharing!


  6. That is so cute! I love the trim you added to yours too.

  7. Very cute and would work perfectly using Ikea's 79 cent dish towels...

  8. How cute and clever is this. I love it. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  9. This is sooo clever and so simple! Love it, I'm always looking for something I can do in colours alternative to reds and pinks as they don't really suit my home, this is perfect, thanks!