Thursday, 2 January 2014

Out with the Old.....In with the New!!!

                           Happy New Year Everyone!
                                     Welcome back!!

                 Oh how I have missed everyone!
                           My computer (Old) picked
                              up another virus......
                     So we went out and bought a new
                        Netbook (windows 7)

                       You see I have a large LCD monitor
                             and a wireless keyboard
                                 so no big laptop for 

               Now I need some time to get acquainted
                  with everyone and read up on this 
                                       new baby.

                    So stay tuned I hope to have some new
                           projects that I have been working
                            on to show you.  

                    Now to install Picmonkey....

                         See you soon!



  1. Oh boy! Have fun and happy new year!

  2. Have fun with that!! I have been on a break too...a much need one.
    Happy New Year.

  3. Welcome back! I hope you get your new computer situated soon. I can't imagine not having my computer to work with. I think we have all become so dependent on them, haven't we?

  4. Enjoy your new computer. There's always lots to learn about new technology. :)

  5. Happy New Year Linda!! Enjoy your new computer:)

  6. Welcome back,Linda...
    I got an Ipad for Christmas, so I need a few attachments to compose and post my blog!
    My son is giving me his "old" Apple computer...soooo...lots to learn!
    Good luck...will look forward to your posts!
    Linda. :o)

  7. My MacBook died just before Christmas, so I'm relegated to using my husband's old laptop (I bought him an IPad for his birthday in November). I hate it - it's slow, cumbersome and noisy. Transitions are always so hard with these sort of things. So I'm in the basement office writing on the Mac because I can't download or Pin anything from the laptop. Arrgh!!

  8. Happy New Year Linda, enjoy getting to know your new machine!!