Thursday, 3 April 2014

Marshmallow Peeps and Nests

                                       Having a sweet fun afternoon
                               making Rice Krispie

What a fun way to spend an afternoon with the kiddies making
                               these sweet treats!!   


Over our March break my Grand daughter was here and we
                         had some fun days creating......

                    Well this day was just as fun because
                          it was sooo sweet and tasty.

                So we gathered our supplies:
                    muffin tins
                   rice Krispie cereal
                     lots of peeps
                     chocolate eggs
                     coconut and green food colouring

First we made the Rice Krispie  treats as recipe on the box
but instead of making them square we made nests.
Sprayed the inside of the muffin tins then molded each
square into nests.

Then we proceeded to add food colouring to the coconut
to make grass.


Added the grass to the nests then started a production line.
                    and eggs.


We popped a few chocolate eggs into our mouths and just maybe a few of the peeps.......

               Tied a few in cello and tagged them for
                      her friends....
                      We ate a few ourselves.....

                         Why not make them to have as
                               place settings at Easter Brunch!!

                      Why not give these a try.........


                         Thanks for stopping by!


  1. These are really cute and I bet tasty too. :)

  2. OH, Linda…what a cute idea! And who doesn't just love rice crispy treats! I want to make some now!

  3. How cute! I bet that was fun to make those together. I love holiday themed treats like that.