Wednesday, 21 May 2014


                                 Oh how I love Pansies...

                            Their sweet little faces.....

Early this spring I picked up a package of 6 wee pansies to 
plant outdoors in my urn.....

                     I decided to keep one back...
                          to plant indoors....

               So happy I did because after they
were planted we had a heavy frost and I lost all.......

         Can you see what I planted this wee plant in?

                        I poked it out of it's green pod and
                            pushed it into an expresso coffee cup..

                         Then set it on the window sill.....

                   Then left it to  bloom and bloom and bloom..

                              This was back in April and it 
                       continues to amaze me with it's beautiful
                               dark purple flowers.

          I will continue to water it when they droop and continue
                       to bloom ....

                 Once they finish I will pinch them back and 
                       plant them in the back garden and hopefully
                               they will come back to surprise me 
                                           next spring..

                     As always thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love pansies! I also purchased a 4 pack of them and put them in pots outside after the risk of frost. I brought them in for a couple of nights!

  2. I love pansies too. So nice that you still had one hanging around. You rescued it!!

  3. Really pretty. Smart flower pot idea, too. Cheers!!

  4. Lovely ! I didn't get any Pansies this year guess I will have to pick some up . Thanks for sharing , Have a good week !

  5. I love pansies too! I planted some in the fall and they are still doing good. Enjoy your holiday weekend, Gail

  6. I'm another pansy lover. The weather has been so unpredictable here that I haven't put any flowers out, not even pansies. I'm hoping this weekend I will be able to. What a little trooper your indoor pansy is!

  7. Always one of my favourite things to have in the spring garden. I usually take them out of their window box home and replant them, cut them back and then usually in September they bloom again for me.
    Love the espresso cup idea!

  8. I love pansies and was never able to plant them in the old house. By the time we get in the new house it would be too late for pansies. Next year and early fall am must for me. I don't know how much annual planting till get done this year. We have so much other stuff to concentrate on with the outside.