Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Bloomfield French Country Sale

                                                Bloomfield Ontario

              Every year spring and fall The French Country Sale is on.

                               A few women put the sale on at a Antique
                                            Shop that is housed on an acre.

                     Well last Friday we drove a few hours to take in the sale.

           The sun was shining, the birds were singing and it was a perfect
                          day for two sisters.

                          Now I'm sure you are anxious to see what
                              some of the vendors were selling so............

                                tables set up colour coded




                                                        Pillows of every size and colour
                                     Bedding, quilts, pillow shams............

                                     A dough Box.......$160. now I thought that was a little $$$$$

                                                a wire cage...any idea what this was used for???


                                                              Clay pottery

                                                      a little of this and that

                                           Does anything catch your eye.....
There were areas of furniture in black or white, some just white washed..................

                                            Then I spotted this fellow....

 isn't he cute...... I placed him in my vegetable garden..... I think he likes his new home....

                                          Well one things for sure it keeps Benny out
                                                        of the garden...he's scared of it.

                          Then my sister spotted this cute yellow hive.......

                                       not just a hive it's  measuring cups.........


                     so now this hive resides on my white weathered hutch

I was a little disappointed this year........they usually have more tents and vendors as well
                           as dishes......ironstone.........

                            We finished off clothes shopping in the quaint little
                                           town and had a lovely lunch.

                                   Don't you just love it when the day is just perfect!!

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  1. That looked ike a lot of fun! I like your new found rooster added to your garden. That's a great idea to keep critters out!

  2. It looks like a wonderful event, Linda. I love the bee hive measuring cups! They are so cute. It sounds like you had a fun day shopping and looking.

  3. Love the bee hive measuring cups....that is so very cute!!...Sorry you did not find much this time, but glad you had a good day with your sister!...

  4. Bloomfield is one of those hidden treasures. I didn't realize there was a sale there! May have to make a trip east next year for this one.
    Love the chicken!!

  5. Oh I wish we had places like this...looks like a perfect day for me.

  6. I found my way here from one of my favourite sites. I see you were down in my neck of the woods to visit Bloomfield. It is such a fun shopping destination. We were just down there last week.

  7. That little beehive Is adorable! I would have brought it home, too. Treasure hunting on a beautiful day is my idea of a great day.

  8. Perfect day for sisters♥️
    Linda :o)

  9. yes. i see lots that caught my eye. what is that thing called holding all those pillows? i would love to have that. dont know what i would do with it. and dont need to. i just want it. love, love, love the bumble bee measuring cup set. so pretty and dainty. also i love those blue stools. thanks for sharing a part of your life. it was nice. cheers!!