Friday, 4 July 2014




This year I decided to forgo the basket dropped into 
this black urn at my front door and plant Hydrangeas instead.


I was a little skeptical
and thought how will they survive ...... 
and will they go from white blooms to blue.

After doing some research I picked up a box of soil acidifier.

I added it to water per the directions and watched with delight
the changing of the colour. This happened over time. (not magical)

From a creamy white to to a light purple.


                          Then they changed to blue.

What a beautiful show they are having at my front door.

                  In the fall I will plant them in the garden
near my pink hydrangeas and continue with the acidifier.

             I have for many years grown white annabelle
                 hydrangeas but never beautiful blue or pink.

We have a hydrangea in the side garden that has never bloomed since
we moved here 5 years ago. So I decided to wrap it in burlap last fall
and not to prune it till this spring. Guess I did something right.
It's flowering ...I also added the soil acidifier to this plant.
I can see the pink showing through.   

Can't wait for it to bloom!! I will definitely take pictures to show.

                     How are your plants blooming!!

                   As always thanks for stopping by!
                           Love hearing from you !



  1. Stunning! Mine have beautiful foliage this year, but nary a blossom...I am really surprised the harsh winter didn't outright kill the hydrangeas.

  2. That is gorgeous! I've never tried the soil acidifier before. I have a huge Annabelle, I think, bush/tree that is loaded with white blooms every August and September. Two years ago I bought an Endless Summer Blue one. Last year it had 2 blue blooms and this year I have at least 5 coming. My plants are doing well and I even bought more today to fill in some empty spots. I'll wait until Monday to plant them though as we're getting over 50mm of rain tonight and tomorrow with "Arthur". :(

  3. How I did not know that! What a beautiful transformation.

  4. Oh, I wish I could get my coloured hydrangeas to even bloom. I've struggled with a great big old pink one that was here in the garden when we moved in. I've learned not to prune it in the spring because they bloom on old wood. But this year, the winter was so fierce that the buds froze off. So I think I'll wrap it like you did.
    It's weird, I can grow just about anything. But I've struggled with these. My Annabelles are doing fine, of course.

  5. Hydrangeas are my favorite flower...your planter looks fabulous...Looking forward to your pink hydrangea bush !!

  6. Hydrangea is a plant I need to add to my garden, your blooms are gorgeous.

  7. Hydrangea's are my favorite! I have always been so fascinated by their ability to change colors! Such a beauty.

  8. I've heard some people add nails to the soil to change the acidity of it. I like knowing there is a product out there that you can use. I think that is so neat to be able to change the color of your flowers like that!

  9. Beautiful!
    I have three hydrangeas that promise to soon be full of blooms - I love them!

  10. Ours change from white to an almost pale yellow ! Nature it amazes us all ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  11. I love all the beauty in the garden! Hope you and the hubs begin to feel better soon and that the recent health news is treatable :) Blessings,
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