Thursday, 25 September 2014

Fall Home Tour


              This year I have decided to keep my fall decorating to a minimum....

                                         Less is more!


                                                           Early morning with Fergus and Benny

                                                                     Let's go in shall we!

                                                Up the stairs to the landing........

                                    First sign of fall in the entry way......

quilts in the basket for those cool nights

Mr WWH made the chalkboard  frame
from leftover trim from the 
new oak railings he installed last year.
I painted the particle board with chalk paint
and drew on the pumpkin....

I know I will get many uses for every season...... 

Kept it very minimal in the living room
   just a couple vignettes......

You see no sofas.....
They are gone......

New furniture arriving in 8 weeks......


The White Weathered Hutch 

A few small touches of fall!

                                             The antique dough bowl with a pitcher full of sunflowers
                                                         a copper jello mold, faux pears, acorns,
                                                                    small brown and white transferware covered
                                                                             tureen and a set of bee napkins......


                                                                 My antique corning ware
                                                                      display in my kitchen cupboards......

                   Once my corn and pumpkins mature and ready for picking I will
                                                       bring you back to reveal my front porch.....

                                                            Fall is my favourite time of the year!

                                                                 Happy Fall to you all!

                                                    Thanks for stopping by!



  1. All of your Fall decor looks very pretty. I don't go all out for Fall either. I wait until Christmas! Can't wait to see your new furniture when it arrives. I bet the wait is killing you! It would me.

  2. Your simple fall touches all work together to make a lovely impact!!
    Mary Alice

  3. I love your pretty hydrangeas and your fall vignettes. That's a long time to wait for new furniture! I can't wait to see it. Have a great weekend.

  4. I have even less than you ... just a bit by my front door. We live in a very similar style home as you do. Your decorating looks lovely. Hope the wait goes by quicker than our is, we still have 4 weeks left before our new furniture arrives, seems we have been waiting forever.

  5. Love your decorating! I agree, sometimes just a bit is needed.

  6. Everything looks so pretty! I love your entry, and love all your fall touches.


  7. So welcoming! We don't need to over do the whole pumpkin thing to make it special.

  8. It all looks really pretty, Linda. Just adding small touches here & there is all that's needed for a great Fall look.

  9. I think you Fall is just enough! I love the pumpkin on the chalkboard above the oak chest. Looks like Fall.