Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Amaryliss



                                                       Time to start planting!!

                                                             This year I decided to plant
                                                                  2 bulbs in this container
                                                                    instead of the container it
                                                                     comes in.......

                Of the flowering bulbs the Amaryllis are the easiest to bring to bloom....

                                                       Indoors ---  plant with the top 1/3 of the bulb
                                                                   above the soils surface.

                               These plants tend to grow 18 - 24" high.
                                      2 - 3 stems ...4 -6 flowers per stem....

                                                        Place them in a well lit spot and water
                                                                them when they are dry around the edge....
                                                                   never on the top.....



                                                             I have chosen the red......

                                                           They will bloom in 6-8 weeks.....


                                                                         Thanks for stopping by!
                                                                          Love hearing from you!



  1. I love forced bulbs like that. That will be so pretty when it blooms. I forced paperwhite bulbs last year. I might do it again this year. I love the look, but hate how tall and lanky they end up getting. I have some fake ones that I know I can use if I don't grow the real ones.

  2. Oh they will be pretty ! It is nice to have blooms indoors during the colder months ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. These are my favourites (over paperwhites). I chose "Minerva" a red and white variegated one.

  4. Mine are in and starting to green up!!! I was hoping for blooms for the end of the month as our house is on tour here in town. But I think I'll be buying some already in bloom.
    I always choose red too - Red Lion variety - so Christmassy!!

  5. You are reminding me to get some bulbs this year!! the planter!

  6. I almost bought some last week. I'm torn because they're a tough memory for me. Every year I would give my Mom one. She would take it with her to FL when they went for the winter. Then, I think she would plant it outside before they left in the spring. I know she would plant the poinsettia I always gave her. It makes me cry just remembering. (She died almost two years ago.)