Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas Tree Flocked


                              Well I'm up and running....glitch fixed....fingers crossed..
                                    If you read in my last post I couldn't retrieve pictures..

                                    I love the look of Flocked Christmas trees and
                                        wreaths but not the price.... so I thought
                                              I would try and do some flocking on my own....

                                     First up a $store tree nothing to loose if it didn't turn out right!

                                            I had googled flocking and there are so may sights
                                                to choose from ....they were all different....

                                          I gathered my supplies:
                                          white spray paint
                                           stuffing cotton
                                          flurries (paper snow)
                                          a can of spay snow........

                                       I tore off pieces of cotton and shoved it on the branches and
                                        I thought that all I had to do now is spray paint and there
                                                     I would have a magnificent tree


                                          Ok on to the next....the wreath I purchased years ago on sale..
                                              By the way I'm doing this outside in below 0 temperature on the
                                                           back deck out of the wind......

                                                laid down my cloth and wreath and continued to spray paint
                                                           till most was covered...
                                                Now while the paint was still wet I added the flurries....


                                                  No didn't like how that looked ...
                                                       needed more white paint......
                                                      Ok this is where the spray snow comes in....

                                                       Gave it a good spray and then finished off
                                                                with more white paint.

                                                    Let it dry...well that wasn't going to happen too
                                                             So I hung it in the basement to dry....

                                                            A couple of days later I was amazed!!!!!!

                                                                      Didn't turn out too bad at all!!
                                                                 Added a large plaid flannel bow and
                                                                          hung it in the great room.....


                                 ******* * if you try out this method don't hold me
                                                        responsible for your wreath or tree not
                                                              turning out!!!  ****

                                                          Have fantastic weekend!



  1. Your wreath turned out great. I've flocked wreaths before and pinecones. I just used canned snow. It worked fine and looked very realistic.

  2. Looks good, instead of me failing at it, why don't you pop down and do mine :)

  3. Beautiful wreath...I am so loving the flocked wreaths and trees lately!