Thursday, 12 February 2015

Blue and White

                                                 Mini Iris

                                It's another snowy day here and I'm
                                   looking at all things garden
                                     when I stumbled upon these cute
                                                mini Iris in a cup....


                                                         See more  here and  here

                                                     Iris bulbs can be found at your local garden
                                                                  store and remember
                                                                   to always chill your bulbs
                                                                   for at least three weeks
                                                                        before trying to force them.

                                               Are you starting to plan out your garden?



  1. Such a sweet idea in the teacup. No I haven't thought about gardening much yet. Last year I was planning our vegetable garden at this time but it's just too cold and snowy right now to think about. I do know the veggie garden will be half the size this year.

  2. Sweet! I'm dreaming spring too. Which feels further and further away with these frigid temperatures!!

  3. That is a great look! Yes, I'm planning on Spring. Our home exterior is being painted right now and then we will put out fresh pinestraw. I'm hoping for a nice clean manicured home this year!