Monday, 2 February 2015

Forcing Hyacinths

                                         Welcome friends new and old!

                                                  It's time to start those

                                             forcing those spring bulbs!

I chose Hyacinths!
You can buy these bulbs at your local garden centre,
but since mine is closed at this time of
year I did the next best thing.

******I cheated a little******

I purchased mine  at our local grocery store
a small pot of Hyacinths that
had just started to sprout.

First I emptied the container into a large plastic bag.
Then had my glass bulb vases sterilized and
ready to go.
I used a bucket with lukewarm water
to remove the earth from the bulb
being careful not to disturb the roots.

Then I added some fresh lukewarm water to the vases.
Added my bulbs and all there is left is
to watch them grow.

Place them in a sunny window.

Here are mine lined up on my kitchen window sill.
Once they start to open move them away from the sun.
This will help the flower last longer.

A perfect day to force Hyacinths!
Look at all that snow and
it's still snowing!!
Note... if you purchase your bulbs at a garden centre
make sure that they are chilled for at least 5 weeks before planting
or water forcing.

There are many containers that can be used if you
don't have any water vases.....


                                                                  use a canning jar.....

                                                             Large Vases work well too!!

                                                      Anyway you do it have fun with it!


                                                                          See you soon!



  1. those definitely make me think of Spring! So pretty to look at during this dreary weather.

  2. Gorgeous!!! I've never "cheated" like that but think I'll give it a try. Love it in the tall containers and I have just the thing for them....

  3. You will soon have the gorgeous scent of the hyacinths throughout your home.

  4. Thanks for your great instructions. I forced the paperwhites and also did an Amaryllis. Loved them. Now time for hyacinths...and spring. Let's get it here soon!