Tuesday, 4 August 2015

taking one day at a time

                                                    Hello friends!

As some of you might know I am suffering with my back and have been for some time!

It all started last March when I had a hard time walking when I stood up from watching
some TV. My legs didn't want to co operate and I felt crunchy not sure if you can relate all over.

Mentioned this to my doctor and she wasn't too concerned since the pain didn't last
long after I got moving I was ok.

But it continued and continued till I was put on all kinds of meds to see if this would help.

Told me I had a sciatica problem and to see a physiotherapist. So I went  once a week for a
month and it didn't improve.

Then I developed vertigo...the room spun every time I lifted my head off my pillow.
Put me on more pills and that made me feel worse.   So I went off all these pills and my Doctor
put me on muscle relaxer' s thought my whip lash had come back..... didn't like this feeling of
being loopy (high) so I went off them.

So I decided to see a Chiropractor.

Every other day for the past month.

Since I showed little improvement he sent me for lower back xrays.

Just as I suspected...degenerated discs in my lower back pinching nerves....

So I'm now in traction every other day at the Chiropractors and told to rest my back.
No gardening,no hoeing,raking,not to lift anything heavy, no long days shopping at the malls.

Short walks, not to sit for long periods of time...no long car rides in our antique vehicles.....

If I sit for 15 minutes I will use an ice pack on my lower back. Get up and walk around the acreage
so the dogs can have a  run. Miss my long walks.....

Well I woke this morning like I was run over by a truck (just an expression.)

Last wednesday was my last appt with the chiropractor since we had a long weekend.

I go today for my 15 minute workout. I'm told if he (the chiropractor) can't fix me then I'm off to
see a surgeon. So for now I'll try my best at following his instructions.

You see I'm not the type to sit around and do nothing!!!!

I'm always on the go and this is ceasing me up.

                               Thanks for giving me your ear!

                                  I had to vent!!!


  1. You poor darling, I had this trouble and sciatica is no picnic I know. Unfortunately they told me that the pressure on my discs was so severe that if I was not operated on to relieve the pressure I would end in a wheel chair... so I had the op and it went badly wrong.. so be careful if they offer operation... my friend had it done and it was a success, but you must really really check out the surgeon if it comes to being needed and imperative that it gets done.. pressure causes the nerves to die, which is why I would have ended in a wheelchair.. so if there is no option but to have the op, be very very careful who does it**check them out thoroughly.. which I had not of course.... All the
    best in the meantime.xx

  2. Take care Linda, hope there is a solution to all your pain.

  3. Oh I hope you are feeling better soon. It's crazy how stuff like that affects so much of your day to day. I had trouble with my knee. Thought it was repeated work injuries/stress of extra weight but after going to physio we discovered it actually originated between discs in my back. Lucky for me it cleared up with physio and exercise and I'm only bothered very slightly occasionally. Take care!!

  4. Oh my dear Linda..
    I had no idea....sending you gentle hugs♥️
    Keep us posted...
    Linda :o)

  5. Oh you poor thing . My Father in law just found out he has the same thing only it is his entire back he is on meds and has to take it easy to I can see with him how uncomfortable it is so I somewhat know what your going through . I do hope you can find a way to get relief and are able to get back to doing what you love . Take care .!

  6. Well feel free to vent here! I can understand how frustrating something like that can be. I have suffered from so many ailments that had to get diagnosed and then treated myself, so I know your pain. At least you finally have a correct diagnosis. That is half the battle! I have never had your specific problem however but have had to go through meds, and doctors and chiropractor only to not see improvement and it's very stressful. I hope you don't have to have surgery, but if you do hopefully that will be the last thing you have to do to get this problem under control. My neighbor had injured her back a few years ago and had to have surgery. She is well now. Try to keep positive thoughts. Just keep telling yourself, "this too shall pass".

  7. Linda! So very sorry to hear about your ordeal! Well! I will pray for you and hoping things will improve very soon! Hang in there! Just take it slooooow and one day at a time!take care,Cindy

  8. As you know, I've had back issues also resulting in two surgeries in the past five years. My suggestion is to listen to your doctor, get an MRI and get referred to a back clinic. If that doesn't help, give me a shout and I'll give you the name of my surgeon. Take care. Get out the knitting needles and make sure you are continuing to move as much as possible. No lifting!!!

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  10. Linda, I'm so sorry that you are experiencing such pro-longed pain with your back. That is not fun and I hope you will soon get some relief. Have you had the Epley Manoeuvre done for your Vertigo? When I got it last November my physiotherapist did the manoeuvre on me and it worked. I still get a bit dizzy now and then but not like the real vertigo and I have a medication to take for it. It's hard to be kept at a slower pace when we want to get going and do things. Take care of yourself. Hugs. Pam

  11. So sorry to hear, and that you were having a really bad day :(
    Take of yourself x