Thursday, 8 October 2015


Thought I would share with you my PumpkinPalooza!

I'm sharing this pic on my Instagram today and joining in the fun. My DIY Birch bark Pumpkin here.

But let's start at the beginning.

You see I had these 2 candle sticks and they were black for some time.
I never used them because the candle holder never fit any candle that I put in it.

Then one day I had seen these candlestick holders on Pinterest and they caught my eye.

I knew if I put my mind to this I could make the same one and save having to purchase them.

Started with 2 soup cans.  I measured out the height I wanted and asked Mr.WWH if he could cut
them to size. He obliged and then turned over the raw edge. Next he secured them in the opening of the candle holder.
Then I proceeded to paint the candle sticks antique white....and aqua and white....
I know many colours then I sanded off some of the paint to give them a vintage look.

Here's how they looked with the first coat of paint.....

Then many stages till I was happy with this look.

Closer look at the soup tins....

I knew that I need some height with one of the candles so again I had Mr. WWH cut me out 
a block of wood.

I knew that this would not give the the look that I was after so I did the next best thing.... I painted the wood block white then proceeded to use  old white birch pieces and peeled back the bark.

Pulled out my glue gun and started gluing on the pieces of bark to the rim.

I was going for the look of a birch slice.

Set this aside while it dried and continued distressing the candle sticks.

So here's my first attempt.

or do you prefer the more rustic approach?

I took burlap ribbon and glued it to the tins.

Used the faux birch slice as to give height!

Trendy accessories can add a new look to any room!

They don't have to cost a fortune.  My knock offs were $10.00  for the pair on a clearance table!

Do you think that these could be the New Hot Decor!!

                                                   Thanks for following along,


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  1. I love them great job ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Great job! I would never have thought of gluing on birch bark to create a slice like that. As for the soup cans, again another idea I would never have thought of. If you want to rustic them up a big and take the shine off, spray them with vinegar and they will dull down. That's what we did with galvanized buckets for my daughter's wedding.