Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Haunted House!!

             EEEK!!!    SCREECHING!!!!    CHILLING!!!!!!

                                 WON'T YOU COME IN!!!!

                  Who could be lurking in the night......

Witches!!  Oh My!!

While walking through the forest we came
upon this quaint house and look
who we saw ......

Oh my this witch had landed on the

We saw mice and rats and bats....

a grave yard....

some black cats.....

Who would  enter?
                                         Would you!

Oh what a fun summer project this
was with my Grand Daughter
Miss A.

It all started out with this dollhouse kit that
I had put together back a few years ago .
It sat in the craft cupboard unfinished.

I'm always trying to come up with new ideas for
the two of us that we can work on 

So the haunted house came to being.

Since the house was already painted white
we added on a faux log look
as well as painted the shingles black.

The shutters , door and window boxes also got a coat
of black paint.

Looks pretty bland at this stage so we continued by adding 
torn fabric to the windows that had been dipped in tea as to give
the appearance of being old.

Next came  the moss.
This got a coat of orange paint.
Then it was glued on in various places.

Extra details were added,
signs, moss, grass, spiders , rats and bats.
Some cats and mice.
Witches broom and hat at door.

A stone walkway! 
Love this technique that Miss A. painted on.

A lantern at the front door,
a side bench and pumpkins scattered.

A branch painted black ( is our tree) 
and a bat hangs on by a thread on
a cobweb.

The other side of the house....

The chimney was a challenge, but
that didn't stop us...

We made it out of florist foam.
The bricks are cut up egg carton...
Painted and then with dollhouse mortar
mix we applied it to the chimney!

Miss A. worked so hard on this chimney.
Gluing down the small pieces of egg carton.
then painting it. Once it was all dry 
she added the mortar.

Great Job Miss A.!

Making memories together!

Thanks for following along,

I hope you don't encounter too many scary homes
this Halloween!


  1. I love this house Linda. You and your granddaughter did a fabulous job on it! Very creative.

  2. How cute!!! I love all the details you both added. When I was little, I would've loved to have made something like that. You're a fun grandmother to do that with your granddaughter!

  3. It's amazing!! We don't really celebrate Halloween around here. But I may just have to start with these kind of decorations. Very creative, my friend.

  4. It is a 'boo'tiful house, well done Miss A and grandma

  5. I think you two did a wonderful job and it all looks great ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  6. Oh what a wonderful happy haunted house...A terrific project by Miss A and her Grandma....what memories you have created that Miss A will treasure forever!...

  7. Well if that's not the cutest !
    I have a board for Fairy houses - pinning this on there because even fairies celebrate Halloween - what an amazing job the both of you did - just LOVE it !

  8. This is so much fun, I know we had our 3 year-old grandaughter help with Halloweeen decorations, inside and out...so they could pass her 'scarey' inspection. Can't wait until she is old enough to help with this type of project. Thanks for the inspiration, Sandi

  9. Linda, I love this house! It is very creative and lots of fun.

  10. Your granddaughter and you did a great job...it's simply scarily too cute!!! How fun for the both of you to spend time together...it will be something she'll never forget!

  11. Love all the little details and that was a great project to work on with your granddaughter.

  12. Great job!!! I've always wanted a house I could decorate for all the seasons and put on display!!

  13. Oh my how cute I mean scary! The chimney is incredible! Love how you made it look old- all of it! Kudos to you for doing this with your granddaughter. That surely never happened with my Grandmother!!

  14. Very cute Linda. Halloween can be such a fun holiday. A lovely project to be cherished for years.