Friday, 16 October 2015

Putting the gardens to bed!

                                        It's always hard to say goodbye for another season!

Walked around the garden yesterday and took some pictures to help me remember what plants are
where. Great tips from my blogging friend Heather @ New House New Home on how to
prepare your gardens for the winter.

The weatherman is predicting snow overnight and into tomorrow!

I have one lonely beautiful rose still blooming in the garden that I'm going to cut and bring in so
when the snow falls I can look at this beauty and remember summer.

My rockery is still going strong with ground cover and the hostas are now changing colours.

We spent Wednesday putting away our patio furniture and all my small garden artifacts into the

I dug up 2 Amaryllis bulbs that I planted in the garden hoping that they would bloom.

                                                      Amaryllis Red  Flower Plant 2015 Bulb Seeds

I'm drying out one of the bulbs and the other I panted into a pot and placed it in the sunroom.

                                           Keeping my fingers crossed !!!!
                                      Hopefully it blooms in time for Christmas!

                                       My vegetable garden still holds ornamental corn and
                                                       this one beautiful Cosmo!

As you can see in the above picture all my sunflower heads have been cut off.

I decided to dry them and then take the seeds next spring and plant them in our front ditch!


I have placed them now that they are dry into a paper bag and labelled them.

Ready for a new season!!!

Watching over me the whole time 


Thanks for following along,

Thankfully the snow won't last...........
Warmer temperatures predicted for next week!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out, my friend. It's gorgeous here right now, but that's due to change. There's a "special weather statement" for this area calling for snow. Too early!!
    Can't wait to see your ditch filled with sunflowers. I got a large sunflower head and nailed it to the bird feeder post in hopes that the blue jays discover it soon. They've been flying around the yard, but haven't hit it yet.

  2. I have done most of my garden clean up except for the odd few that still are in bloom but after this weekend of cold winds and wet snow I feel they will be toast . We live near lake Erie and the weather can change soo fast . Lovely photos , Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend and stay cozy !

  3. I dread putting away all that stuff and tossing the annuals. But. It has to be done and I'll wait a few days yet incase it gets warmer. The vegetable garden is cleaned out and tilled up but that's it. At least you still have your lovely sun room to enjoy for a while. Let us know if your amaryllis survives. ;) I hope the snow is minimal.

  4. Benny is too cute!!! It is sad to see the end of a season, but it's also great joy to anticipate another one coming! You have a huge yard, and so much work, but it looks great! Have a wonderful day and stay warm!!!