Thursday, 19 November 2015

Faux Birch Tree DIY

                           Just in case you missed this DIY last year I'm                                                 bring it forward again!


  Welcome Friends!

                 I just could not get this Faux Birch Tree out of my head...
                           I had seen it at Target over the Christmas season...

                                       I have just about every decoration out there
                               and I promised myself that I would not buy another.....

                                                   But this one taunted me..

                                           I went back...No TOO LATE!!!

                                                 Yes they were sold out.

                                   So I decided to make my own tree.

                             I had the perfect cone leftover from some crochet cotton
                                                    a pair of scissors
                                                         a cardboard box
                                                        a glue gun
                                                  craft paint (white and black)
                                                       Elmer's glue
                                                           $store sparkles

                                  So I started cutting out tongue like shapes
                                                    and cutting and cutting

                                          Then I started from the bottom and
                              started gluing the tongues all around the base
                                    then overlapping as I went till I had the cone covered.

                                                 Took my scissors and bent the odd one
                                                          to replicate the birch tree.

                             Next came the painting.
                                         The cardboard being a brown taupe I painted
                                                    just enough white so that the brown
                                                         would show through.

                                                    With the edge of my brush I picked up some
                                                              black and dragged it down here
                                                                     and there.

                                                 Once the tree was dry I took Elmer glue with
                                                    a small paint brush and applied it to the
                                                          Added some glitter and applied
                                                           glue then glitter till I was
                                                                 satisfied with the
                                                                 look I was after.

                                            Target's faux birch tree stands 14.5 inches
                                                          mine stands at 9 inches.

                                        I'm pretty happy on how mine turned out and
                                                   saved some money too!

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  1. I remember this from last year and love how it turned out! I love trees like that. They can be expensive in the stores so yours is a great alternative.

  2. I love it!!


  3. Still one of your best projects. I remember it from last year!