Sunday, 28 February 2016

Busy Hands

                                    Hello friends Happy Sunday!

Even though this winter season seems to be hanging on we haven't  had the snow that
we've had in the past.

Last year at this time Benny was able to walk over is fence.

                            This year 2016

This was our largest snowfall. Do you see Benny running in the snow?

Well this all melted and then the freezing rain came and more snow but the good thing
is the temps are rising and the rains will come and then the flowers ....

What am I getting at,  I think you all know I'M READY FOR SPRING!

But in the meantime I've been busy creating hats of all shapes and sizes . Crocheting and Knitting!

I know this Craft has made a comeback! Maybe it never went away.


Slouchy Hats are very popular with this faux fur pompom will make someone happy!

Knitted Beanie no pompom for my SIL.

Knitted Slouchy for my grandson. I added a pompom to this one.

Crocheted seed stitch cowl for my daughter!

Crocheted headband for me! The Pompom is for my grandson's slouchy.

Crocheted puff stitch beanie for my daughter to match a scarf!

Crocheted men's beanie for my son!

Crocheted cable slouchy!

Knitting my first fair isle beanie. I'm creating this pattern as I go.

I saved the pretty in pink for last.

Crocheted slouchy with cowl!   Added the spring blossoms hoping ...that spring is around the corner.

                  Have you any crafts or DIY's that have kept you busy this winter season?

                                                 As always thanks for following!



  1. All so pretty but yes the last ones are my favorite and a love photo of them to . Wonderful work . Benny is cute and seems to like the snow like our Miggs lol. 10C and sunny here today and no snow left looks like we never had any rain for this evening and over night , Robins have returned as have the Grackles and Red wing black birds spring is on it's way . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. You have made so many pretty things! They all look so warm. I'm looking forward to Spring too. even though we haven't had such a harsh winter.

  3. So many beautiful hats that are so popular now....You certainly are a fantastic knitter....hoping for your Spring flowers to pop up soon!

  4. Wow! You are one busy lady! Love that blue cowl!!!

  5. Busy and talented! I love the slouchy with the pom pom!