Monday 19 November 2012

Paperwhites and Amaryllis wk 4

                                      Paperwhites  and Amaryllis wk 4

Now for those who do not know what paperwhites are these are in full bloom.

If you missed week 1 go here.

I can't  get over how much they have grown in this past week.

One or two have started to flower. Must move them out of the sun so they will slow down.

My Amaryllis is about the same.

I have been busy Christmas decorating I'm glad to say I'm almost done.

Here is a sneak peek at my tree.

                      Wishing a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! to all my friends to the south.

         Thanks for dropping by. I love reading all your comments.



  1. Oh my Linda, your paper whites have grown and so has your amaryllis! They look beautiful and I can't wait to see your all your Christmas pretties. Enjoy your evening, Gail

  2. They are really coming along! They are so pretty and festive! I can't wait to see your tree!

  3. Linda I love paper whites, yours look beautiful!!

  4. Your paperwhites and amarylis are coming along nicely! I love how those look during the holidays and during the winter months. I have fake ones that tide me over. Ha!

  5. Looking' good, Linda...
    Will get my tree the end of next week...
    Picked up a few greens today for my front basket...but my Mums are still blooming!!!

    Linda :o)

  6. They are looking great! I have done an amaryllis but never paper whites! I really should do that some time...they look amazing during the holidays!

  7. I Love Amaryllis, I don't have one this year but I do have a pot of paper whites growing, I hope with all my heart they look as good as the ones though in the photo above, thank you so much for visiting, I have joined to follow along with your journey!