Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Falling Leaf DIY

Welcome friends , as I mentioned in my last post on dollar store projects I have been
painting on canvas.

I know many of you will shy away and say I can't paint.....well I'm not master at it either.
I have fun and that's what it is all about.

You don't have to spend a fortune on paints and brushes.
Or even canvas.
This was all purchased at the $$$ store.

Brushes   $1.00 for a variety pack

sponge brushes $1.00

Craft acrylic paints $1.00 each

Canvas 8 x 10 $1.25

I keep plastic yogurt containers for water to clean my brushes

a roll of paper towel

"these items do not contain affiliated links and I am not compensated"

I chose a bright turquoise background and using a wide brush or even a  sponge brush
applied it to the full canvas.

I gave it the night to dry and then the next day I traced a maple leaf onto the painted canvas.
Not to hard but lightly so your pencil marks don't show through the paint.

I started with the red and filled in the leaf leaving an edge for my yellow. Cleaning  my brush in the water I then applied the yellow around the edge taping the edge of the round brush to give a feathered appearance.

I find acrylics very forgiving. If you add too much paint dab it off with a paper towel.
While that area is drying I then painted the stem in Burnt Umber  and veins of the leaf.
Once the stem was dry I added a shadow with the yellow paint.

Make sure you clean your brushes in between colours.

I also  added the burnt umber to the tips of the leaf as well.

If one colour blends in with the other that's ok....Have fun with it.....

There are so many colourful fall leaves in oranges and greens to bright reds and yellows.

You choose what colour background you want and then just have some fun

                 I hope you will give this a try! Thanks for following along!



  1. Very cute ! Papa here uses the dollar store paints and brushes for some of his painting objects on wood projects . Why pay a lot for them when ya don't have to .Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  2. Now I just MIGHT be able to do this! It still wouldn't look as good as yours, but at least there's nothing to free hand. Such a cute picture for Fall!

  3. This might be a painting project I actually might be able to do.

  4. Love it....and what a great tutorial....you made it to where we feel that we could actually do this!....beautiful!