Monday, 18 April 2011

A New Journey

Won't you come join me on a new journey. I will be posting our outings to Flea Markets, Antique shops.  New looks for the home and gardens. Drop by and say hello and maybe you will follow.
I will follow you.
Have you picked up your copy of  Mays ROMANTIC HOMES.  One of our bloggers 52 Flea is featured on page  10.

Hope you are all having a great week.



  1. Hi Linda,
    I will be looking forward to see what you find on your treasure hunts! Thanks for the mention in Romantic Homes. Have fun with your new blog!
    Take care, Laura

  2. WELCOME!! SO happy to have another flea market lover in blog land! Can't wait to see what you find!!

  3. I love flea markets, and will enjoy following along on your treasure hunts.

  4. Hi Linda!
    I will follow. Will be fun to see what they are selling and collecting where you are!
    I have a little antique shop/booth in an antique mall nearby so your posts will be right up my alley!
    Looking forward to it!

  5. I haven't seen this copy yet Linda but I will soon as I love Laura's Blog. Looking forward to seeing what you find at the Flea Markets...I missed the last couple of months of ours and our next one won't be until the end of May :( OH well...that will give me time to recoup my spending money I've been spending on the new gardens! Enjoy your day.
    Maura :)

  6. When I can, I do like to visit a first post. Fun to see how or what it was that got a blog started. Oh! I love to go to flea markets, antique shops, estate sales, and auctions :o)

    Wonderful vintage vehicles and cute, cute puppies on your sidebar :o)

    ...and in reading your profile...I have to say, we can not wait til we have grandbabies to hug and hold :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!