Saturday, 23 April 2011


Alison, from the polo house showed us some weathervanes and I thought I would show you mine.
This cute weathervane was picked up last year at one of my favourite fleamarkets just outside of Haliburton. When I picked this up I had no where for it until my dh built this cute shed. He built it late in the season so it still needs to be painted. I want to add a planters box to the window and plant some flowers along the side or maybe a bike with a basket full of flowers?   What are your thoughts?

So here is my cute weathervane.   I had to wait to take the picutes till this afternoon. We had heavy rains all morning and it was cool. The sun came out and the temps rose to 70. Aren't these Sheds inspiring.
                                                                       via country gardens

While I was taking pictures here is one of a (RETRO)birdhouse that I purchased at a sale just outside of Picton.
Some flowering bulbs ... crocus and ???? These were here when we moved in last year.
I hope you're having a great weekend.....
x Linda


  1. Hi Linda,
    I really like your new blog!!! Nice pictures.

  2. Hi Linda!
    Great post! And horse weathervane too. Love that you know. ;)
    Is that your red truck on your sidebar.
    That is on my "if I ever win the lottery list!"
    LOVE it!

  3. Linda I LOVE your weathervane! I've always wanted an antique one but never really had a place to put one until we moved to the country. Now I have lots of old buildings to put one on but don't have a weathervane! Our old barn that burned down last year had the grounding wire still in place but someone over the years took the weathervane with them when they moved. Oh day I'll find what I'm looking for but this time it will have a place of honor. I think you should put window boxes on your shed and plant a little border under it and put a bike in the garden leaning up against the it all! I know it would look wonderful ;) Maura :)