Tuesday, 15 November 2011


DAY 2 of Christmas Decorating. Moss Balls Tutorial.
On the weekend I took in a Christmas Home Tour.
I loved this bench and how it was decorated. I managed to take a picture before I was told
NO picture taking....

So I really REALLY liked the large moss balls. So Out I went to purchase one when $$$$$$,
They were $20.00 a piece. That gave me an idea.
Off to Walmart and the $ store.
Purchased sheet moss for $9.99.
Styrofoam Balls at the Dollar store $1.00 each.
Glue, I already had.
Wire for hanging, Already had
a ball of sisal cord I already had,
And Hair Spray....mine

First I cut squares from the sheet moss.
Then I applied my glue, a little at a time. Then pressed down the sheet moss.
Continued till it was fully covered.
Cut a small piece of wire to the shape of a horseshoe.
Took my string and attached it to the wire and pressed it down tight into the moss ball.
Lastly to preserve it I applied a generous amount of hairspray.
Now I made 3 Moss Balls for a grand total of $12.00. A savings of $48.00.

Ta Da!! Done. Now wasn't that quick and easy. Also easy on the pocket book.
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  1. Hi Linda,

    What a great savings...I always wonder why they cost so much for what they are???
    Your own that you made look fantastic, and what a savings...
    I'm sure you could buy some pretty fabric with those savings...
    All the Best,

  2. Well...here's a fun project! They look great! Thanks!

  3. Thanks so much for showing us how to make these great moss balls and save a lot of money in the process. I saw your post over at "Wow Us Wednesday".

  4. Your bench is so pretty! I cannot get over the cost of the moss balls, and how much more cheaply you can make them your self. :D I have not even finished decorating for Thanksgiving, much less Christmas. re the holidays supposed to be so stressful(?)

  5. This is so cool!! I am going in search of moss sheets here! Thanks

    tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

  6. Great idea and I love these too but not the cost. Now I'll be making me some. Thanks, Terry