Wednesday, 25 April 2012

DebbieDoo's Copy Cat Challenge

It's that time again for DebbieDoo's Magazine Copy Cat Challenge

My copy came from The May Issue of ROMANTIC HOMES Magazine
and here's mine
I love to quilt and this is one of many.

Here's theirs

and mine.
                               So what do you think???
                                A great copy cat!!!!!

Join in the fun and head over to Debbiedoo's copy cat challenge
                        Can't wait to see all the copy cats!!


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  1. Your quilt is gorgeous. I use to quilt years ago, such tedious work. You do a beautiful job. Love your copy cat and yours is much prettier. Hugs, Marty

  2. I would say you are a fantastic copy cat. I love the quilt. You linked up in the wrong place though. You linked under my gallery, not my post. Please go back and relink. Thank you.

  3. I love this copycat because I love quilts!!! You did an amazing job with this one. I like the yellows and other colors in your quilt better than the one you copied.

  4. are back in the right place! Thanks for joining in on the fun.

  5. Awesome copycat. Your copy is so much more colorful than the original, I prefer yours! Your quilt is so pretty!

  6. Love this copycat. Your quilt looks amazing. The colors you picked are perfect!


  7. I love your quilt! Beautiful copycat.

  8. Your copycat is fabulous! And your quilt is beautiful!

  9. Your quilt is beautiful Linda! Love this copy cat.

  10. Very pretty! I have never made a quilt before. My neighbor does and stays very busy with it. I'm sure it becomes an addiction! Ha!

  11. What a beautiful quilt!
    dee dee

  12. I think you did a fantastic job. It's beautiful. I envy you for all of your talent. I have a girlfriend that quilts. It was a pleasure visiting. Linda

  13. Your quilt is absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job on the fabric selection and I prefer your photo to the magazine photo!