Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Burlap lampshade /tutorial

Help!!! I have a lampshade out of the 70's.

The lamp itself is cute. A pineapple base.

Cute welcoming lamp. But I used it on my dressing table.

Why!!! you ask.  Because I could.

Well I found a new home for this cute lamp in my
hallway. It sits right beside my antique jug and bowl.

OMG!!! The shade had to go.  So the next best thing  was to make my own.

Do you see all that beady fringe.

First that has to go. The feathery fringe...... How gastly.

Next I carefully cut out the shade so I could use it as a template.

Traced it onto craft paper and there you have it.

Laid it on some burlap I just happened to have and .
A lamp shade was born.

I held it in place by using some clips and then began hot gluing it down.


It always saves the day!!!

Once it was secure, I looked around for some trim.....

HMMMM....... No trim to be found.

What a gal's  gotta do !! A gal's gotta do... Make your own.
Of course Make my own.

So I cut a piece of  linen   at 2" wide and pressed a fold in it length wise.
Then I folded it again, pressed again to make double based bias.

I measured the circumference. Cut it to size and there you have it.
My own trim.

Well that worked out just fine.

Now my cute little lamp sits on my antique washstand and
acts as a nightlight at the end of the hall.

Much better !     Don't you agree????

I hope you will try making a lampshade. It's quite simple.


If you require some assistance, email me.

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  1. Oh wow. I love it. I've been scared to do that. I am not good with templates, cutting the old one out was so smart! It's nice, simple and stylish now. Love it.

  2. Using the clips to hold the fabric on the lampshade is brilliant. Great tip!

  3. I love that cute little lamp - great new shade. Burlap is both rustic and classy at the same time. I'm visiting from StoneGable. Hope you'll stop by and see my homemade gnocchi tutorial.


  4. I've done very similar projects, and they are so much fun. I love your shade, and the lamp!!

    Great job!

  5. The lampshade is fabulous.... and you made it look so easy. A project to remember for the future. Thank you for the easy to follow tutorial. Best Wishes Daphne

  6. I love this lamp! You did such a great job on the shade. Porject for me to remember for down the road.

  7. I love burlap shades! You did a great job!

  8. That is simply adorable!! I love the effect of the burlap on such a delicate lamp!!

  9. That turned out great! I love burlap anyway. That was a great way to update a dated lampshade. I've never attempted to do that before. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. The shade turned out great! I'm all for project that require no sewing.

  11. Yes, I think it looks better with all that frilly feathery stuff removed. I love anything with a pineapple!

  12. I love this. I want to bring some burlap into our house. I would love it if you would share this at Sunny Simple Sundays. This may actually be a project I could do. I am so not crafty.

  13. I love this burlap shade! I have an old shade that I was thinking would be perfect in burlap. Thanks for the tutorial and I think the lamp has found a new wonderful home. Ann