Wednesday 26 September 2012

Burlap Pumpkin Copycat


It's that time to shine everyone!!!

Debbie   Debbiedoo's      is having her Copy Cat Party here.

Do you remember my Burlap Pumpkins.

I did a tutorial here if you missed it.

My Copy Cat were these pumpkins that I had seen at Kirklands.

They were so cute but also expensive for my pocket book so I knew when I got back home

that I could make them.

So here's mine 
.Let's have some fun!!!

I'm linking up to :

Debbiedoo's  Copy Cat Challenge
Two succulent sisters
DIY Show off


  1. Adorable! I love the spool tops..... so clever!!!


  2. Really cute! I have to get my act in gear for some Fall decorating...Thanksgiving is not far away!!

  3. Awwww, those are the cutest pumpkins! I love the "stems!" You did an outstanding job, and I actually like yours better than Kirklands ...your's have more character! :)

  4. Your spool stems are DEFINITELY better than Kirkland's version. Nice job!

  5. I'm liking all these pumpkins I'm seeing on the blogs right now. And I thought I was the only one who made fabric pumpkins!! Would love to have you come and link up to our PUMPKIN PARTY going on for the next month. Hope to c you. Linda

  6. Awesome Job! Your are in fact much cuter. So glad you joined me.

  7. Great burlap pumpkins! I agree with Debbie, much cuter than the original.

  8. How cute! The spools on top are totally adorable. Great copycat!!!

  9. Excellent copycat! Your pumpkins are so cute and even better since you made them!

  10. Awesome burlap pumpkins!! I love your version... much better than Kirklands! Great job! Pinning!

  11. OHMYGOODNESS...girl...these are sooo cute. I would never have thought to use the spools...PERFECT

  12. Love them...yours are better I think! I am adding this to my Fall to do list!

  13. Hi Linda, so very cute. I see alot of people making burlap pumpkins. Yours are far superior. I love the spool stems. That is so creative.

  14. Nice pumpkins !I liked the burlap !
    You have done wonderful job !