Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Fall Shopping

Fall Shopping..............

I don't know about you, but when the fall comes I get into cleaning out
my dressers and closets.

Two bags full to drop off at the shelter.  That feels good.

Now that calls for some shopping. Need to replenish what I gave up....

Well not exactly.  

When you need a perk.... what do you do..... go Shopping!!!

Shopping !!!!  Shopping!!!! 

Today it was Winners. Great store for great buys.

First up....

This cute burnt orange sweater. You can never have enough.

I loved the length. Great with my leggings.

Not pricey at $29.99 regularly $60.00.   HORRAY!!!

Now I have this purse already in this colour, goes great,  but check
 out the boots.

Now those I picked up in Target while shopping a few weeks back in Buffalo.

This is one outfit I will get a lot of wear out of.

Next up is this cutie.... striped boat neck, buttons on the neck as well as the sleeves.

Tommy Hilfiger.  Love his clothes.  Well made to last. 

This little number was $19.99. A steal......Reg $45.00.

Now last and most loved is this COACH Bag that I purchased At the Coach Outlet in
Niagara Falls.  Again a few weeks back. 

$130.00 reg $289.00 they had a sale on a sale.  Yipee!! I was at the right place at the right time.

Have you bought anything lately for fall???

Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. I always love to clean out my closet every Fall! I just purged this weekend, but now I need to go shopping! You bought some really cute items & got great deals too.

  2. You found some darling clothes! I love that shirt and sweater. The boots are cute too. I like a classic looking purse. You can't go wrong with Coach! I haven't bought anything for me for Fall yet. I need some winter shoes. I'll probably shop for those as it gets cooler and I'm more in the mood. ha! I bought a jacket for my youngest son though. The mornings have been cooler and he gets cold easily. He just started wearing long pants to school this week too. That's a true sign of cooler weather around here! I've still been wearing shorts and flip flops though. It has been in the 80's in the afternoon. Usually around the end of October, I can safely put my summer clothes away until Spring. We have more warm months here than cold.

  3. OOO, I DID...I did a little tiny bit of shopping...and some in the very same color as yours. Gotta work it up in a post so you can see.:))

    I LOVE that sweater..boots...bag...leggins...oh, my...just the way I love to dress, too.
    It's so dang hot here, I didn't even try on sweaters but I surely did see some great ones.
    This pumpkin/burnt orange color is going to really be HOT for winter...I love it.

  4. I've been to Niagra Falls about four times. I didn't find the Niagra Fall Outlet center until the last visit. I keep telling friends it's the Eighth Wonder of the World. I'm really going to be voting for a return visit to the Falls!