Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Paperwhites and Amaryllis wk 3

                                      Paperwhites  and Amaryllis wk 3

Now for those who do not know what paperwhites are these are in full bloom.

If you missed week 1 go here.

I can't  get over how much they have grown in this past week.

My Amaryllis is shooting up as well.

There is still time to plant yours.

Have a great week!! Love to see how yours are progressing.....


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  1. Good Afternoon Linda, I cannot believe how the Paperwhites have grown, it doesn't seem five minutes since you planted them.....and your Amaryllis, well it really has taken on a spurt. It won't be long before you are enjoying the fruits of your labour. Have a lovely day, Best Wishes

  2. How wonderful to have flowers this time of the year,love your paperwhites.

  3. I just planted mine this weekend. I love waiting for them every year around the holidays!

  4. Hi Linda...They look awesome..I'll bet you have been turning the pots a few times a day,eh???
    Still working on my stupid PICASA...don't seem to be grabbing anymore space...but I won't give up!!!
    Thanks again for all your help...much appreciated..

    Cheers! Linda :o)

  5. Oh wow, they are really growing quickly! I finally planted mine on Sunday.