Thursday, 3 January 2013


                                       Hi my name is Gemma

I'm only 10 weeks old.

I'm a Froston..... my Mommy was a French Bulldog.....My Daddy was a Boston Terrier..

I'm a girl ........... My new home has this large English Bulldog...His Name is Charlie

I guess he is now my brother...........

I also have another brother named Jake....He is a Chocolate Lab........

He looks more like a big BEAR!!!!

No no......not mine....We went to visit Gemma at my Sons today.

They just picked her up yesterday.............

She won't get very big........and she will live to 15 years............

Gemma is all tuckered out after her  visit with us.

Someday down the road I will start my hunt for another puppy..........

Fergus will be 5 this year and Max just had his 10th bday............

I guess you can tell that we love dogs.........

Hope everyone is having a great week.

                             Thanks for stopping by



  1. Gemma is a cutie. My goodness Charlie makes me laugh, what a cute face......and he is so big.

  2. Gemma is so sweet...and so little next to Charlie! lol

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  4. Sorry about that...
    Forgot to check my spelling...

    What I meant to say was...
    Now....get back to your crafts!!!

    Linda :o)

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! I love her! You know my dog is a Boston Terrier, don't you? So, anything "Boston" is a friend of mine! Gemma is precious. I recognize that little smushed in face anywhere. That's a great mix! I love how cute french bulldogs are too so the combination couldn't be better. I wish your son many happy years with his new puppy.

  6. Linda I'm a dog lover too!! Gemma is soooooo cute!!

  7. Well, that bj sent me over here to find you and I am glad I did. You have a lovely blog and now I am your newest follower. That "baby" is so cute- it makes me miss having a pet around- xo Diana

  8. So sweet. I love the picture of Charlie and Gemma together. I think Gemma should stay with you. Charlie likes her! ;) We have a Charlie and Lola!

  9. Do not show me pictures of cute puppies! This is the time of year when I always get the notion to get one myself. Gemma is a sweetie, though!

  10. Hi Linda, nice to meet you and Gemma. I came over from BJ's nice invitation. I love your blog. I am following you now. BTW I do a feature on my blog come by and check out Daisy's Doggie Bloggie Awards. I am working on next weeks award with a whole brand new page all it's own. I would love to feature Gemma and all her new relatives!
    Come by and see me.
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  11. Awww, Gemma is sweet. I love dogs, big and small. Have a great weekend!

  12. Linda,
    What a sweet name for a sweet dog! And the look on Charlie's face is how I feel some

  13. OMGoodness she is precious Linda!! I'm a dog lover too and I really miss my sweet baby boy Duncan. At times, I think I'm ready to get another one but Charlie and I like to travel and right now we both have decided we will wait. I have a grand-dog Oakley and when he comes to visit we spoil him rotten!! Enjoy your weekend, Gail

  14. Linda,
    Your puppy reminds me of the dog of my childhood.
    MoMa called him a Rat Terrier. His name was Rags!
    He was a stray that adopted us!
    Stopped by today from BJ's @ Sweet Nothings!!!
    What an adorable stocking you made for her!
    Blogging Ladies are the kindest ladies I've met!!!