Thursday, 14 February 2013

Crocheted Hat with Flower/ Tutorial



When shopping the other day I came across this
pretty teal yarn.........

Now that's coming home with me...........

Not sure at the time what I was going to create until.......

today....... It is snowing here in Ontario Canada....


So today was the day to sit and crochet a hat....

with the cutest flower.............

If you are beginner this is easy ......peasy....

So lets get started... 

I used Red Heart    soft worsted medium #4.

a crochet hook for that wool was a 4.5 mm (use whatever 
wool you have and a hook that wool calls for)

Start with a chain of 70 stitches.............Or measure the 
circumference of the head that is going to wear this hat.

ch chain 
sc single crochet ,   sl slip stitch...
these are the only stitches used......

After you chain 70...... sc in the 2nd st. from the hook...

sc every st. to the end...then ch 1 and turn.....

continue sc in each st. across remembering to  ch 1 at the end
of each row.....

crochet  till you have crocheted 8 inches from the beginning.

Now it is time to knot off. the yarn.

fold the two sides together and using your crochet hook

left to right

weave a sc in each st. making sure you have both sides.

It's like sewing the seams together.

Once you have reached the top leave a tail of yarn about

6 inches.

Now at the top of the hat you are going to take that 6 inch

yarn and weave it in and out (it's like gathering) then once

you are at the end pull tight and secure yarn.

Turn inside out....Now you are done...

Embellish with a flower or leave plain.

If you have any problems following this pattern....

please let me know....I tend to just do it without thinking.

I hope I'm a good teacher...........

Won't you give it  a try...........

Now the flower tutorial you can find here.......

                                 Thanks for visiting.

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  1. That is such a sweet hat and I love the color!

  2. That is adorable! I love the crocheted flower you added. Enjoy your day, Gail

  3. This is so sweet. And I love projects that can be done in one day - I tend to get bored with bigger projects. Pinning the tutorial for future reference - hope that's okay.

  4. Love the hat even better than what you described.Enjoy your snow.

  5. That is so adorable! I love the color and the little flower you made for it too. I'm sure it would keep you warm and make you stylish at the same time. No snow here. (Darn-it) It's sunny but cold.

  6. Love this color and it sure makes an attractive hat. Great tutorial!

  7. Adorable...How about a picture with you wearing it???
    Went to Jo Anne fabrics some incredible wool...

    Linda :o)

  8. Hi Linda,
    Sweet little hat and I love the flower as a finishing touch! Awesome colour too, thanks for sharing the tutorial.
    All the Best,

  9. Hey, new follower from the Aloha Friday Blog Hop. Cute hat, loving the colour! :)


  10. Newest follower here! I found you though the blog hop! Cute blog, I can't wait to read more. You can visit me at

    -Melanie @