Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Valentine"s Day Vignettes


                                      Welcome !!

Well in 2 short days Valentine's Day is here.

Will you be celebrating, wining and dining,
getting roses, candy, chocolate ............

Well not me.....My guy is one of those that thinks
it's another Hallmark day......

But that's ok by me........Everyday is like Valentine's Day!

I get spoiled 365 days a year!!

                                Is definitely in the air!!

                                  the 14th day of February

                                     Hearts of all colours!

                               Cards and Roses!!

                                                  Thanks for visiting!


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  1. Okay, I can't figure out what I love most :
    - the cloche - I have to find one for myself
    - the burlap heart - too cute!
    - the wood block with the number 14 - so simple, so sweet!

    My husband isn't a Valentine's Day guy, but he cooks me gourmet meals every night and remembers to pick up flowers at Trader Joe's for me. Thank heavens for Trader Joe's - he will buy the flowers because they are the first thing you see when you enter and he knows how much I love them. He wouldn't go to a florist shop for them.

    Enjoy being loved 365 days a year.

  2. What sweet valentine vignettes. It is nice to be loved and remembered every day of the year!!
    Mary Alice

  3. I sort of feel like that too (the Hallmark thing). We exchange cards and maybe a little something extra but that's about it. We don't go out. Although, we did get engaged on Valentines Day when we were young. So, we used to think of it as a big deal. LOL! I like your fabric hearts.

  4. Great vignetts the hearts are really cute We don't do much on Valentines either, I get a ton of love 365 days a year.

  5. Beautiful vignettes, Linda. My husband feels the same way about Valentines Day as yours does. I don't mind, but I do try to make it a little exciting for the kids anyway.

  6. I agree with you Linda. Everyday is Valentines. My husband treats me so well. I love all of your Valentine decor. The vignettes are adorable.

  7. Beautiful Valentine vignettes Linda. I don't decorate for Valentines nor do we celebrate it. Hubby and I both agree that it's Valentine's Day everyday for us. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

  8. I think we are going to take in an early movie...colder weather headed our way...:o(
    Will see if I get a "nod" for Valentines...I made my boyfriend a card at home, and packed it!!
    Such a silly romantic I am...for sure...

    Happy Valentines Day Linda...

    Linda :o)

  9. Beautiful images in your post, love the cloche with the Valentines. You are very special to get spoiled 365 days a year, Happy Valentine's Day.

  10. Linda,
    I loved all your images, but my favorite part of the post was when you shared that you get spoiled 365 days of the year. Your hubby rocks!
    Leslie (Gwen Moss)

  11. We really don't celebrate Valentine's day necessarily but like you say 365 days a year we try to remember how lucky we are.

  12. Hi Linda,
    Love all of your stuffed hearts! I agree with you too! Everyday is like Valentine's Day here as well! So very lucky to have my Valentine...
    Happy Valentine's Day to you & yours!
    All the Best,

  13. Awww... so pretty! I love the block "14". Very cute! I love the cloche of hearts! Pretty!