Sunday, 2 June 2013


Well another rainy weekend, but we won't let that damper out plans...

Off Antiquing at Queensville Antiques.......

This barn has everything from soup to nuts....(just an expression).....

So are you ready for a long post......Enjoy all the eye candy and then some....

I noted the price on some of the items...You will be shocked.......or not!!

And what did I purchase you ask..............

Antiquing to be continued.......

                                           Thanks for visiting!



  1. It was fun to go along with you antiquing! Wow! Some of those items were pricey, weren't they?! They must've been the real deal then. We had some storms here today, but I just stayed home and cleaned my floors. My house feels much cleaner now. It has been a nice quiet Sunday.

  2. Great stuff love the old widows.


  3. Wow, I am shocked at some of those prices. The "feather" Christmas tree is a find, but at $475 it's steep. I have a white one very similar (maybe not as big) that I paid $65 for and thought that was a lot. If it's real feathers, I totally get that it would be a lot.

    Can't wait to see what you bought. I would have taken ALL those windows especially if they were inexpensive. The things I could do with those!!

  4. I always look forward to our scheduled visit to an antique store. You can always spot a great find at their displays, leaving you satisfied after every visit. In my case, I also consider asking help from realtors for their antique listings for some valuable items. Just take your time in looking for an awesome antique in their stocks. :D