Monday, 15 July 2013

DIY Drying Rack

DIY  DRYING RACK...........

Go here for the tutorial

My lavender plants are in full bloom, so now's the time to pick and dry out for
my potpourri.

Lavender has always been one of my favourite flowers.

I have been growing English Lavender for over 20 years.

At our last home I bordered the beds with Lavender.

It is such an easy plant to grow.  So many benefits as well.

Herbal, oils, decorate, make a small sachet and place it under your pillow and you will

be asleep in no time.

I hope you will dry out some Lavender ...Your sachets will smell devine!!!

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  1. I love English Lavender . I had a plant of it a few years ago but some bug got to it and it hasn't grown back since ! There is a Lavender farm not far from us that sells all kinds of wonderful Lavender things ! I like your drying rack you made well done ! Very hot and humid here going to feel like 108 , Miggs and I are in the AC now after our early morning walk ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  2. That's a great idea Linda. We have a rack like that which was build to sift gravel I think but it would work for drying lavender too. I usually tie mine in bundles and hang it in the window to dry. I have 3 small bundles there now in fact. My lavender is beautiful right now.

  3. I love lavender! I keep saying I want to try and grow some but I haven't tried it yet. Not sure how it will grow here....maybe next year. I bet that little fella (puppy) of yours is keeping you busy. Hope you are having a wonderful day, Gail

  4. I wish I could grow it here. I don't think it grows in my region. You're lucky to be able to enjoy it right there in your own yard. I love how it looks and smells! Being able to dry your own is so neat. Like your homemade drying rack too. Great idea.

  5. I mean to do this every year - and never get around to it. We grow quite a lot of lavender, so I should really get busy!

  6. Just cut mine down last week, bundled them up with a rubber band and hung them from the rafters in the garage - ready to make some sachets later on. But I only have one plant, so I need to plant more next spring so that I can enjoy their fragrance longer.

    The rack is a great idea. I'll have to make myself one for all the herbs I need to dry too.

  7. I love lavender, it is such a beautiful plant and the fragrance is unbelievable. Great drying rack.


  8. Hi Linda: I also love lavender too and I don't know what happened to mine this year, but I lost one plant completely and the other two don't look very good. Will have to start again next year. The rack is a great idea and would love to have one for the parsley and oregano. I've been blogging a bit lately and have a giveaway on the go. Go over to and see what I've been doing lately. Would love it if you followed me. Hope all is well.

  9. I just planted some lavender this year and have no idea how to grow it! I'm hoping to see some progress here soon!